Benefits and the Organization (IBM)

I am familiar with the company International Business Machines Corp (IBM). It is a technology and consulting corporation with its headquarters in New Yolk. The company operates all over the world. The company manufactures and sells computer middleware, hardware and software. It also offers consulting, hosting and infrastructure services. The company trades on the New Yolk Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the logo NYSE: IBM.

The company employs recent college graduates and experienced professional. The employees differ in age and experience. The ideal benefit portfolio would include several items. A promising item would be the health insurance. Health issues touches on all employees of all ages. Chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes are expensive to treat and maintain. Traditionally, these diseases were left to the old people but this has changed. Children as well as the old people are suffering from these diseases among others. If IBM introduced a voluntary insurance plan covering some of these diseases, it would be promising to all the employees.

Another item would be auto insurance. From recent graduates to the experienced employees, they own some kind of an automotive. Cars for example must have an insurance coverage. Most of the employees in the company have a car. In addition, there is age limit into owning a car. Thus, auto insurance would be popular with all the employees.

An unsuitable benefit would be tuition fee.  With the age gap in the employees’ age, most of them are in their mid life. They are trying to build families and safe for the future. The only employees thinking about advancing in education are the recent graduates who are not many. Many of the employees have already advanced their education.  Another unsuitable voluntary benefit would be long-term care coverage. This benefit will only be popular with a certain age group in the company.

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