The Best Possible Outcome for the Future: A Utopian Society

The Best Possible Outcome for the Future: A Utopian Society

A Utopian Future

The best possible outcome for the future is a world which has been transformed into a utopian paradise. This is a world that is based on just and fair values, where all people are equal and resources are distributed fairly. Such a society would rarely be tainted by the rigors of war and its citizens would experience a level of happiness unheard of in historical records.

So how would the future earth look like for humanity in a utopian paradise? A utopian paradise may experience conditions such as the obliteration of diseases and an improved life expectancy, a war free society, uniform and leveled rights for every citizen, and the elimination of the money and its system. It would also enmesh people doing work which they love and pursue careers that they delight in,there is an objective distribution of resources and goods, a more symbiotic relationship with nature, and limited laws as well as no poverty.

Computers, Tools and Technology as Means to a Utopian Future

Various utopias have arisen in the course of history. In Francis bacons book “New Atlantis”, the residents of the utopian island achieved happiness thanks to the abundance of technical products. A change in political and social institutions was unnecessary in Bacon’s utopia: only a higher production was sufficient. New Atlantis can be viewed as a prototype of what might be described as a technical utopia with technical progress being the only thing needed to create a utopian society.Technology guarantees perfection in society.

If a utopian future can be envisioned, outlining what is needed, humanity can then be able to take steps that would take them to this utopiaand avoid the dark future.The essential driver of change towards a utopian societylies with human consciousness. The better understanding of how and what consciousness symbolizes in human evolution-will guide material changes. A better and more positive understanding of consciousness will aid humanity comprehend and apply the empowerment and enablement that technology offers. With regard to technology, a very primary step would be to bestow a minimum, equitable and fair standard of living for all human beings. One basic compulsion for this standard is energy. The dawn of cost efficient, clean, green, lavish energy will be the first measure. Affordable, clean energy together with a consciousness of plenty rather than fear would raise the standards of living on the futuristic future.

Advances in artificial intelligence and robotics would in effect clone human appearances in artificial form. This would bring about challenges for organic and synthetic life forms. Synthetic life will outperform organics in logic, computing power, physical prowess, and sensory analysis. The challenge would be how to live together.

Technology can play a very important role in ensuring thatfuturistic utopian world is attained. Through more and more automation, the work place would be eliminated, and a robotic future where robots do all the work and the citizens enjoy everything for free and the people only work on things they revel in would be in place. However, this can also result to a dark future especially if other aspects of a utopian civilization are not put in place.

With advanced computing devices and material science, a global intelligence would emerge out of the interconnected minds. This would facilitate discovery of the cure to all diseases and aging, and provision of all the energy that the world could need.

Through the employment of computers, tools, technology, machines and networks, the production of energy, materials, food and health care will be simplified. Technology will facilitate the production of ones own energy from home by way ofwind, solar or water or preferably LENR.  The creation of materials from scratch at home would be made possible by technology. Food through the help of robots, algae, and cultured meats would be made possible, rather than through the animal industry method. Genetically modified organisms would form the source for various nutrients, providing people with easy building blocks for food production.

With regard to healthcare, robots and nano-robots would maintain the human body at functional levels, harmonized with technology designed for nano-creating medicines-like pain killers- in molecular- 3D-printers. Through these technologicaladvancements, healthcare will become readily obtainable and accessible to the public and not through the government or the wealthy.

In the industries, personal robotics and 3-D printers would be capable of using and producing the materials man has created himself in developing all the other machines required for survival: electric tech like lighting equipment, the energy machines, houses, more computers and new robots.

In the utopia future, even though most people believe the world would fall into the nothing-ever-changes trap, and that a sense of boredom would encroach the world thus overwhelming the people with a monotonic life, this could not be further from the truth.  This outcome for the future there would be many sources of drama for the population. These can include explorations and discoveries, tests of the utopian principles, interpersonal relationships, the struggle to maintain the utopia against internal and external disruptions, and personal sacrifice.


It was man’s seeking of the perfect axe that led to the development of technology, and so it should be that despite the impossibility of a perfect society that man should seek to improve the world. A true utopia would be a hard to attain feat, this notwithstanding the great strides that computers, tools, and technology, machines and networks would make towards the achievement of such a future. This future would be a far fetched idea for as long as humans remain humans.

Although presently, a utopian society would seem to be nothing more that a fanciful reality when the current states of the world is taken into account, and its affairs, there is some hope that such a future may one day materialize. It might take enormous shifts in perspective so as to accomplish such an existence, but if human society learns from its mistakes, this utopian reverie could still come to pass. Technology and computers will effortlessly facilitate this.



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