Billie Jean King

  1. The owner of the Tennis Magazine and the role she played in promoting women’s tennis

Billie Jean King was the owner of the Tennis Magazine. At a time when women tennis players earned far less from what men won (about an eighth), Billie Jean asked if that was enough. She fought for the equality of female players in the world of tennis and even assisted in starting the Women’s Tennis Association.


  1. The number of women in professional women’s tour, 1970.

The tour had almost 40 members by the end of 1970, from its original 9.


  1. Title IX and when it was passed

On June 23rd, 1972, Title IX of education amendments was passed into law. Title IX prohibits educational institutions that are funded by the federal from any discrimination against employees or students based on gender. It helped in increasing the rates of women in sports.


  1. The major event in 1981 that almost ended King’s career

In 1981, Billie Jean King’s private affairs were exposed to the public view, and a lawsuit was issued by her former lover and female personal assistant. She admitted herself being a homosexual and lost her endorsements. These events almost crushed her career.


  1. The league that King established at the end of her career

She formed the Women’s Tennis Association in 1973, and she also co-founded World Team Tennis league in 1974.