Biogeochemical Cycles-Selenium

Biogeochemical Cycles-Selenium

Selenium occupies a distinct position concerning its evolving traits in the impacts in inflicts to the toxicology and nutrition importance. Selenium is found in all compartments of the environment apart from the soil. This ranges from the hydrosphere, lithosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, and the pedosphere. The pathways of the biochemical cycle include the carbon cycle, water cycle, phosphorus cycle, and sulfur cycle. include carbon sources. All these compartments play a crucial role in biogeochemical cycling and distribution in the universe.

The significant stores of selenium element occur through the nutrient cycle, oxygen cycle, phosphorus cycle, and sulfur cycle. Selenium is found in rare quantities in all types of organic and inorganic natured organisms. Ranging from the waters, biomass, atmosphere and soil environments, the selenium levels are significant and measures on particular torrential. The distribution of selenium has led it to be a cause of human deficiency due touncontrolled levels of the selenium pathways. The human digestion system is regulated by the consumption of enough selenium, and concentrations of the selenium govern this. Selenium is essential in human health and thus a basic to the diet.However, for the biosphere, i.e., the plants, the selenium consumption is governed by the uptake in roots. The absorption of roots occurs with the attachment and coordination of the bioavailability. Moreover, organisms such as plants can biomethylate thus decreasing the supply of selenium in the atmospheric environment.

Biochemical activity plays an essential role as it incorporates the chemical compound in medicinal purposes. Although the chemical compounds might have adverse side effects which may have effects on how they are applied, they are usually modified radically to support therapeutic applications. Majorly, biological activity is implemented in pharmaceuticals to made medicine used for treatment.

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