Biography on Mozart

Biography on Mozart

Amedeus Wolfgang Mozart was a classical musician in the 18th century. He was among the most popular, influential and prolific writer and composer of classical music in that period. During his lifetime he composed more than 600 artistic works which included the most loved symphonic, operatic and chamber pieces, choral music, and most famous pieces. (Deutsch np). His love for music was seen in the pieces that he developed, how he used music to express feelings and his very popular philosophy; his life is music and music is his life, those who are worthy of God are only those who understand that. He associated everything with music, and his world revolved around music.

Mozart was born on January 27th in 1756 and died quite young, at the age of 35 years on December 5th, 1791. He spent most of his life making music (Levey np). His talent and love for music could be attributed to the fact that he was born to a very musical family in Salzburg. At a very young age of five years, his talent and love for music would be seen. He started writing and reading music at this age and using musical instruments such as the keyboard to entertain people. At the age of six years, Mozart was composing his first work which was not a common thing. Besides his amazing talent to write classical music he had expressed diligence in studying the compositions of other musicians such as Bach and Haydn. He spends most of childhood life traveling to various destinations in Europe to play his pieces and entertain guests in special events. This contributed massively to the growth of his talent. At the age of 17 years, Mozart was offered a post in Salzburg to be a musician in court. He accepted the offer though that was not very suitable for him at that time. A few years after serving as a musician in the court he started prolific composition which he became very famous for. Later in the year 1781, he relocated permanently to Vienna where he continued with his great work of composing musical pieces. He became very popular in Vienna and was always on demand to perform during significant events and to write a piece for people.

Despite his fame, Mozart had his ups and downs during his life, especially with his family and managing finances. Regarding his family, he got married in 1782 against his family wish. He, later on, had six children who died during their infant stage except for two. It was quite an emotional toil for him. Regarding his finances, Mozart had instances in life where his funds were low. This situation was worsened in 1786 when the demand for music in Australia went down because of the war they were involved in. However, this did not hinder him from composing musical pieces (Eisen np). Mozart was born and raised in the Roman Catholic family which he took up later in life. He did not change his faith throughout his life.

Mozart work was the epitome of classical music. He composed very many pieces of the different genre though there are some that he never tried out. His work was mostly piano solo pieces, symphonies, operas, and concertos. His work ranged from light-hearted joyful pieces to challenging, powerful and emotional compositions. He nurtured his talent which began with the ability to remember other people pieces and learn from them to him developing his pieces in his style.




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