My learning involved the extraction of biological data from the databases. Some of this information consists of the outbreak of deadly infectious ailments. It is one of the issues affecting people all over the world. Some of the data I was searching for involve information regarding viruses. It is because they can spread fast among the members of the public. As a result, they might lead to the death of many individuals. Another type of information in the database is the primary bioinformaticsdata. It is mainly stored in the NCBI and EMBL sites.

I learned that it is essential to share information regarding the spread of lethal and infectious diseases. It is because they are harmful and can lead to massive deaths. I also noticed that people must know the dangers posed to world health. The information shared can help to develop countermeasures to deal with this issue. Besides, I have learned that all the information needed for the study might not be readily available on the website. I have also noted that governments are reluctant to share information regarding new outbreaks. This is because nations do not want to be associated with the spread of diseases. The primary objective is to preserve the good image of the country. Lastly, the current outbreak of viruses and infectious diseases shows that people do not share information on the issues.

Besides, I faced various challenges on my way. First, I was unable to get vital information from the scientists about virus data. It is because most of the scholars are not ready to share their knowledge until their scholarly articles are approved. They fear that individuals mightend up using their work before the instructors support it. Another challenge is that it was difficult for me to understand lethal infections without vital data.

Another problem is that governments do not trust each other when it comes to the sharing of information. It is because of the economic consequences associated with such decisions. The nation canbe viewed as the source of a disease outbreak. However, the required information can be obtained from the available Bioinformatics Databases. Some of them comprise of National Center for Biotechnology Information, DNA Data Bank of Japan and GenBank among others. Any individual who needs this information can get it from these sites.

Other databases emphasise on bioinformatics for influenza. They contain hereditary series of more than 1000 influenza viruses. Therefore, anyone who needs this information can get it on the website. Having this site makes it easier for various users to obtain information about this virus. Some of these users comprise of health experts, clinicians, research institutes, and universities. It is the reason why they are accessible by many organisations and the people. Sharing this information is essential because the influenza virus spreads very fast. As a result, it might help in coming up with interventionsthat will assist to eliminate the infection. Therefore, all the information regarding the virus is readily available on the site. People can access the information on influenza if they are interested.

The databases that contain bioinformatics data for influenza information on influenza comprise of NCBI influenza,influenza research database, and the GISaid. These database only store information about influenza. Therefore, it saves the researcher a lot of time while searching for data. It is because the sites only store information regarding influenza virus.

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