BIS 155 Week 2 iLab: Summit Ridge Mountain Resort – Version1 and 2

BIS 155 Week 2 iLab: Summit Ridge Mountain Resort – Version1 and 2

Workbook on Mountain Sports Village Shop Sales to Data

Note: There are two versions of this iLab in order to learn one point from two different angles.



Management at Summit Ridge Mountain Resort is very pleased with your initial report. This week, management has asked that you add to the prior analysis and incorporate some visual images concerning the Village Shop sales. This new analysis will require the use of new formulas, new functions, and several charts to graphically depict the report findings. This updated Excel workbook will be used for a presentation to the board of directors.


Submit one workbook. When submitting the workbook, provide a comment in the comments area explaining what you learned from completing this lab activity. File naming convention: If your name is Jane Doe, then your file should be named very similar to Doe_J_Week2_Lab.xlsx. Make certain you compare your finished work with the Grading Rubric included here.

Lab 2 Shop Analysis
Step Task Points Possible Points Received Comments
Documentation sheet completed 5
1 Daily Item Totals worksheet
1a Copy Daily Sales to new worksheet 2
1b SUM function for items 2
SUM function for dates 2
1c Formula percentage of sales 3
1d Statistical functions for sales 3
1e Formula profit per item 2
2 Create Bar Chart
2a 2D Bar Chart 5
2b On new worksheet 2
2c Title and tab named 2
3 Create Pie Chart
3a Pie Chart 5
3b On new worksheet 2
3c Title and tab named 2
4 Create Weekly Profits
4a Copy Daily Sales to new worksheet 2
4b Calculate profit per item 2
4c Calculate profits for each item 4
4d Autofill profits for all items 3
4e Create Line Chart 5
4f Title and tab named 2
Comment: What you learned from completing this Lab 5