Black Lives

In the books, The Hate You Give and the Lions of Little Rock, the books mainly talk about racism, how it affects the lives of the black, and especially the young youths. Racism affects not only their love but also their friendship and schooling, which includes interacting with other people. In the story, Lions of little rock, we can see how two friends are significantly affected due to differences from the races that they come from. We can see that at the age of twelve years, Marlee starts her schooling in Little Rock where she feels like her whole life is falling apart. Her life feels incomplete until Marlee meets her friend Liz, who is a new girl in the school. Liz has the exact opposite behaviour of Marlee, whereby she is confident and always right on the matters she discusses. When Liz is chased out of school, and it is said that it is because of race, Marlee tries her best to fight for her friend and get her back.

On the other hand, matters of race are shown where race issues are shown out, and black people are discriminated due to their colour. Discrimination and violence by race are evident whereby racial violence takes place, and Michael Brown who was 18years old is killed and Trayvon Martin who is 17, is also destroyed. The incidences clearly show how black people are hate and can be executed without anyone defending their rights. Young people who try to look for justice for their friends who had been killed are also unfairly, and this happens to Rachael when she decides to testify against the killer of her friend Martin. The deceased and the affected people are the ones that are judged and put on trial rather than the killers.

The knowledge that is learnt in these two stories can be applied in our daily activities in class and school. The experience can be used to advise and teach the students that are all equal, and that they should be treated equally without being judged and separated based on race or the skin colour. The students should be sensitised that everybody is important and deserves to be treated with respect and love.

In the comparison of the concerns that are showed in the books, it is clear that some of the themes are also in our culture today, whereby, people are still discriminated and separated due to race and colour. The blacks are usually considered as the black race, and they are not treated equally with the whites. When the events that took place in the book the hate you gave, are compared with the present life, it can be seen that the book setting time has stronger discrimination that can be seen in the current world. Starr is continuously caught between two worlds, the poor, mostly the black, where she lives, and the wealthy white people and the school where she attends. The blacks have no voice; in that, she even saw her friend being fatally killed and decided to find a view so that she can defend her friend.

In the book the hate you gave, several quotes have been shared by Angie Thomas. The most famous include one in which Thomas Angie complains about how she has seen several black people being killed. She says that if she saw a black person being killed, she would raise her voice so that the whole world can know what took place. But now she is too afraid to speak because she is the person. The quote depicts the suffering and the pain that the black people had to undergo each day. In the book the lions of little rock, we also see several quotes where one of the most relevant quotes that show how racism affects the society is where Marlee’s friend speaks out complaining. She tells people that the world is not an additional problem the way we seem to say to our children. Good thing will not happen to you just because you are the right person and that life is not simple and straightforward as people tend to think. However, life is an algebraic equation where some variables and changes have to take place and sometimes life gets messy. Sometimes people tend to get answers to what may be bothering them, but sometimes they miss the clues. Due to this, we have to take a step by step action in solving the problems that may be facing us in our daily lives.

The civil rights movement was an association that was created in the 1950s so that it would bring social justice for the black people and also gain equal rights under the laws of the United States. The poor ruling of the white people in the southern areas made the black decide that they were going to solve their issues with violence since no one listened to them. As a result of the continued white power, many civil rights activists emerged, who were able to fight for the rights of the black, shared among them being Malcolm X, who advocate for the black reliance and the self-defence by the black people.