The Black Power movement

The Black Power movement

The Black Power movement was a masterpiece that was designed to empower the blacks to liberate themselves. The movement was designed to impart pride which was to be the motivation for their liberation. The movement based on the psychology of politics which Hans Morgenthau believed is the Psychological control over the minds of men. Therefore the most crucial aspect in the liberation of the blacks was the independence of the minds of the blacks.  The movement further indicated the value of words citing various struggles in the history of America as well as the struggle for independence in Africa. There was power in the words and the power for liberation was in the mind.


The Black Power movement was based on the need for change. Based on V.O. Key Jr view, the new group had to fight for the reorientation of the old order. This was what Black Power was all about. It aimed at depicting a different picture of who blacks were. In the old order they were slaves and bowed to all the requests of the whites. However, times had changed; the blacks were now knowledgeable of their rights thanks to the effort of great African American nationalists such as WEB Dubois, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.  The process of redefining the perspective of black Americans led to the identification of three main philosophies; cultural identification; political modernization and unity.

            Cultural Identity

This philosophy was developed from the Power of words; you can use words to mean whatever you want it to mean; nothing more nothing less. This is evident in the modern America whereby the system continues to entrench the values of the society through words. Through repeated use of words and phrases the kids grow knowing that America is great nation “the land of the free and the home of the brave” (Carmichael, 37). Therefore the first step was the Black people redefining themselves via the power of words. They started referring themselves as African-Americans, Afro-Americans or black people and no longer Negroes. The word Negros was used by the whites as a stereotype to mean that they are to be oppressed, have no rights and should serve them without questioning or resistance. However once there was the shift of names, the word and stereotyping started with the whites and ended with the whites.  The African Americans henceforth viewed themselves as either black Americans or black people who were energetic, intelligent, determined and

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