BMGT464: Organizational Behavior

Outcome 1: Maximize individual contributions to the organization based on an understanding of individual behavior

Organizational behavior determines different perspectives and opinions presented by a particular group toward maintaining the performance of the company. It is one of the ways governed by the decision-making process and other leadership principles. Besides, it also provides norms and values that guide the behaviors of the employees within an organization. It is extended by the power of leadership interpersonal communication and networks. The process is further characterized through employee turnover, task performance, coordination of different behaviors, and management of deviant work behaviors methods and cognition. Production at the workplace varies based o the outlined factors such as the ability of the leaders to have the required talent w within the organization. Thus describing the desired working principles is crucial in the identification of the required outcomes within an organization.

An Integrated Human Behavior

At the helm of understanding the individual behavior is the successful matching of the tasks, the management, and the employees towards a common goal. Bearing in mind that individual behavior is a complex thing and often varies from one person to another, achieving successful matching of these crucial organizational elements is a challenge. The manager or the supervisor in charge of the tasks is always at the headache of first analyzing a given task, the skills required and allocate the analyzed task to the most suitable employee based on the behavior needed to finish the particular job. Again, this brings the manager back to the initial question of who will perfectly handle the task to have the best results? It is at this juncture that the idea of understanding individual behaviors of every subordinate employee comes in mind if there is any need to have maximum performance.

Owing to the complexity of understanding individual behavior, the integrated human behavior model serves the best purpose in this case. The model by nature tends to bring out the differences amongst the individuals in a way that will help the manager rank the best to the last individual behaviors needed for every task to avoid conflicts. The entire model rotates around the cognition process that allows the acquired information to be transformed, stored, and used later in any performance or decision making. Thus, using this model, relevant information that is needed for a particular task is acquired, stored, and used appropriately in decision making under different circumstances. The outcome of the entire cognition process examined under the integrated human behavior model is what defines the behavior of every individual in an organization. Understanding this human behavior model allows the managers to have the information on each employee, his behavior, and the optimum performance in every task to be performed.

In my case, the integrated human behavior model could effectively be applied in understanding my individual behavior while serving as a Senior Compliance Analyst. We used to work in a department with my colleagues, and we usually ranged from 10 to 12 people at a time. The supervisor could sit long observing how I worked towards ensuring that the compliance issues across the various business channels and functions were efficiently accomplished. This could have given him an idea of how my cognitive ability worked and the specific areas that I deemed to work well. In response, my supervisor could detect that my most successful areas were based on the operational responsibility involving the review of business practices in various regions through the specific programs quarterly audits. The entire approach by the supervisor to make an effort to understand my cognitive ability in operational responsibility could have given him an idea of my behavior. At any time the organization could want the regional quarterly audits of certain programs done, I could be the best performance to have the task performed to its maximum since my behavior marches with what this operation entails.

Understanding individual behavior has been an aspect of managerial difference amongst the competing companies. Top companies that have been leading the market have an idea that human resource is an essential resource and any level of performance depends on how on their motivation. However, before individuals are satisfied and achieve motivation, the initial thing is understanding them and their behaviors. For instance, in my present capacity as the Retail Sales Associate Director of Operations at Verizon Wireless, I must admit that I have recorded a lot of success in as far as leading sales professionals is concerned. Up to this point, at least I have a good understanding of how they behave. Initially, before I got to understand them, we could work hard all day with everyone strictly holding various areas assigned. However, we have very little to take home at the end of the day. I later realized that employees who were good at attracting and talking nicely to customers were all times retained in the store. Sometimes, we all need valuable time to get to understand individual behavior if success if anything to go by in the business.

Outcome 2: Successfully manage through motivation and engagement job performance in the workplace

Motivation is crucial in developing reliable methods that recognize the efforts of the employees and encourage others toward achieving organizational goals. It is conducted through different methods such as salary increment, promotion, and other motivational strategies.  Conducting the motivation program facilitate hard work and encourages the employees to develop a positive mindset in accomplishing organizational goals (Androniceanu, 2017). The leaders are, therefore, required to provide an opportunity for the employees to compete for achieving the best outcomes equally. Moreover, it should provide a conducive environment that facilitates both teams to identify opportunities for innovation thus boosting the company’s position in the market. Improving other aspects based on human resource management is crucial in determining the right environment for the employees to achieve the best outcomes.

motivation theory

Applying the concept of motivation, however, can reap the high organization profits depending on the path that motivation takes. An organization can either achieve total motivation for its employees or entirely fail to let motivation impact the performance. However, achieving total motivation depends on the level of involvement of the employees in job performance. There are circumstances when employees prefer autonomy to motivation. Though to some extent, experts in the human resource have associated employee autonomy to motivation, in practical terms, I profoundly believe it is a way of engaging employees in the job performance to gain maximum out of the task. Maslow put forth his theory in what can be seen a linking between employee engagement and motivation to satisfy the employee needs to get the maximum out of their undertakings.

Maslow in his theory of the hierarchy of needs identifies various needs that employees may want satisfied. The needs range from basic, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization. Thus, before the organization thinks of satisfying the needs of the employees to motivate them, first, it has to consider at what level of the needs that an employee will be satisfied. Again, this considers the individual employee behavior and his/her feedback. Individual behavior expresses observing employees to understand him and what best suits him. In employee feedback, employees can identify their own needs that they find suitable. It is at this juncture that employee autonomy and engagement may play a critical role in letting employee has what he feel is right for him to achieve highly. For instance, as a Customer Services Associate Director at Verizon Wireless, all I could think of was that offering commission to employees was the best way to motivate them. This was completely wrong since the only time we have the best performance was when we allowed employees to work in the best way they could. The results were amazing as the performance improved and the profit doubled, and that is when I realized employee engagement was essential and need-based motivation was the best.



Outcome 3: Based on an understanding of human behavior, create and sustain an organizational environment that leads to high performance

Corporate culture influences the employees’ ability to achieve organizational goals. Thus, good organizational culture plays an essential path for the success of any given organization. Similarly, bad organizational culture is one of the major cause of most organization’s failure. Therefore, it is essential for business leaders to incorporate the right culture that will ensure their success. For instance, positive working culture adoption of the right leadership skills motivates employees to achieve the desired outcomes. It is a significant process that provides the opportunity for employees to maximize their abilities and create new stages in boosting organizational development.


Am not obsessed about having an autonomous working environment at the workplace, I find it practical that I have worked with different people and the majority like an organizational culture where they are allowed to use their skills. This is to say, many case studies of the big and best-performing companies indicate that employee autonomy dominates the cultural set-up of these companies. A practical example is given that of Apple Inc. The company’s employees are the happiest according to Forbes, not because of the enormous package they carry home but because of the free environment they enjoy. Apple Inc. after learning human behavior of its employees, the management of the company realized that the company’s employees have skills and like to engage in learning and innovating new products. Thus, to keep their excellent performance, they developed the culture of allowing employees to work in the best of the interest depending on their skills. As we speak, Apple Inc. is one of the leach tech company around the world.

Therefore, when creating an organizational culture that will continue the best performance, the first consideration should be given to the outcome of the employee behavior. If the behaviors are impressive, think of sustaining them or improve them further. The organizational environment should not be rigid that only reflects what the management wants. This is simply preparing to fail. Employees should dominate in the decision on the corporate culture the administration intends to create and adapt.


Outcome 4: Analyze and respond to leadership challenges for future global and virtual workplace such as decision making, change, conflict resolution, and organizational commitment in an organization at every level

Leaders have a duty of managing different conflicts, addressing the problems affecting the employees, and addressing different ethical dilemmas inefficient way. By adopting such values, the employees access a better opportunity for working and maximizing their skills toward having a culture that offers the company a chance to improve in terms of service delivery and other opportunities available in the market. By understanding how different people work, the leaders are better able to address major organizational problems. The process of managing virtual leadership, for instance, provides new opportunities to explore appropriate leadership struggles and management strategies required in every organization (Zimmerer & Scarboroug, 2005). It is crucial that different organizational behaviors act as the core values that define corporate cultures. Creating good organization behaviors at both individual and group level ensures that the employees work in line with the outlined program and resources required to develop a competitive working environment.

Sometimes creating a leadership style that impresses all the people in an organization is not easy to achieve based on different organizational behaviors a company may have. Therefore, leaders have a challenge in adopting the leadership styles that most reflect the needs of the company, behaviors of the people, and most importantly the dynamism around the company environment. This is the case since no leader would love to remain in the same position forever or to command the same size of people for as long as he leads an organization. Most of them instead dream big about going global and impact the organization in the broad global perspective.

Various factors need to influence leaders when making choices. One and the critical factor is the dynamism around workplaces including the process of production, communication, and others caused by the change in technology. Considering the very fast-changing technological world, issues affecting decision making no longer remain the same but keep on changing. The way of production, processing, distribution, transportation, and marketing change. Leaders need to change and conform to these new changes. They should consider changing the working environment and improve the knowledge and skills of employees if they wish to engage in globally impactful decisions that are sustainable.

Work diversity is the new concept that has picked up in the work environment that leaders need to consider with a lot of keen when engaging employees. Organizations are going global and employees in one company may enjoy diverse culture and conflicts, in this case, are inevitable. Accepting the fact that employees are different in terms of behavior, perception, and general culture will help leaders serve a great deal when it comes to conflict resolution. For example, my case at Verizon Wireless is a living testimony since I lead a group of over 100 employees from the different cultural background based on gender, religion, and sexual orientation among other differences. At one time when Mary, a new employee was just a day old at work, she looked stressed up, tired, and weak throughout the first few days. As a leader, I later realized her dressing code was different from the rest of the workers most who had been around for some time. I then called her and explained to her that she should not worry about how her colleagues wear but only focus on her work since performance is what matters in our organization. Therefore, as leaders, our vision should be broader than what we have and where were are and take responsibility to hand environmental challenges.


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