Boldly Go Character Drives Leadership

Character is very central to leadership especially in cross enterprise leadership that is essential in complex organizations such as Providence Healthcare. Character shapes how people engage wit the world around them, what they reinforce, what they notice, value and decide. An effective leader should have a leadership character. Josie Wash, the president and CEO of Providence Healthcare has a leadership character. She is courageous, collaborative, has integrity, and is accountable. Competency is yet another important aspect in effective leadership. An effective leader needs to have the ability, skills, commitments, and knowledge that enable him/her to lead an organization such as Providence Healthcare.

From what Josie Wash has done in Providence Healthcare, it is clear that she is competent in her work. She has revolutionized Providence Healthcare to higher heights. Commitment is another important aspect ineffective leadership. A leader has to be committed to what he/she is trying to achieve. Josie Wash has remained committed to making Providence Healthcare than it was. Through transformation and design (TbyD), she has managed to change the corporate culture of Providence Healthcare and its people.

Of the 10 leadership virtues mentioned by Gandz, Crossan, Sejits, and Reno in Exhibit 1 of the case, the three most critical virtues to effective leadership at Providence Healthcare are courage, accountability, and judgment. Courage is needed when making difficulty decisions and taking bold actions. The TbyD program implemented by Josie Wash was a risky affair but he had the courage to take a calculated risk in implementing it. She had the courage to think big. Accountability is also very important in are most critical to effective leadership at Providence Healthcare.  Josie Wash is committed to her decisions of changing the corporate culture of Providence Healthcare. Other leaders should be accountable to make Providence Healthcare a better place. Judgment enables leaders to balance different virtues to meet the needs of all stakeholders.  Josie wash has balances her virtues to meet the needs of all people in Providence Healthcare.

In supporting and achieving change in Providence Healthcare, communication has to be streamlined. This is through several principles and practices. First leaders must lead by example and embody the change in communication. Active participation in communication through different channels is paramount. New tools of communication that are more efficient should also be developed.

As CEO of Providence Healthcare, I would recommend that the culture of courage and judgment be maintained. When everybody is good at balancing their virtues, it becomes easy to be innovative and have the courage to make decisions based on calculated risks. Josie Wash just used her character virtues and made Providence Healthcare what it is today, that culture should be maintained and passed on to those who join the health care.


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