Brand loyalty in the hospitality and food industry

Brand loyalty in the hospitality and food industry

Brand loyalty in the hospitality and food industry is a vital aspect of marketing and operations in an organization. This is mainly since the industry is characterized by stiff competition and a large number of businesses that provide essentially the same products. Accordingly, to remain competitive businesses leverage on building brand loyalty as this will keep customers coming rather than having to search for customers. In addition, brand loyalty is by itself a marketing feature since customers tend to tell each other about the brand they are loyal. This word of mouth marketing is effective when compared to other traditional forms of advertising.

McDonald’s is a fast food retailer that has been able to achieve unprecedented brand loyalty owing to its high quality of services and food products. As seen in the study, McDonald’s quality of food services are well above average and this contributes largely towards the high brand loyalty. Moreover, convenience plays a huge role in promoting brand loyalty. Convenience in McDonald is mainly as a result of the vast experience in the fast food industry. Furthermore, Macdonald has numerous fast food stores, and this makes it easier for customers to get their products which also improves the convenience of customers in acquiring products and services. This shows that it exploits the concept of availability in that whenever the loyal customers need anything they will never think of going to a rival food outlet for their products are also available.

In conclusion, having quality services and products in business will contribute to improving brand loyalty. As such, it is essential that organizations prioritize activities that will enhance the quality of goods and services they sell as this will directly contribute towards increasing its brand loyalty. Furthermore, it is also important that an organization develops structures that improve the convenience of business as this has also been shown to increase brand loyalty in an organization.


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