Brian Stevenson’s book: Just Mercy

The author uses Pathos to create emotional appeal in his writing. It creates a deep association between you and the audience. Bryan Stevenson appropriately uses sorrowthroughout his work. It is evident from the way he talks about Charlie who killed his mother’s abusive boyfriend. The authority ignored his juvenile status and wascharged as an adult.

Additionally, Charlie was taken to an adult male prison. Afterward, Stevenson decided to visit the young boy in prison. It was after Charlie disclosed the horrible things he had seen in jail. He further explained that no one was eager to help him while in prison. Therefore, the boy left jail as an angry person. Most individuals sympathized with Stevenson’s feelings towards the young boy. It is because of the things the young child faced while serving his jail term. Stevenson’s creates emotions through his choice of words. One of the examples is where he talks about the corruptness of the US justice system. It demonstrates that individuals cannot get justice whenever they need it.

Additionally, Stevenson uses Pathos by giving emotional stories such as his abstinence from alcohol usage. It allows the readers to reflect on his previous life and current life after exiting drinking. All these stories help to raise the feelings of the target audience.

The use of Pathos by Stevenson assists in building an emotional relationship between the individuals and the readers. He further gives the background synopses of the convicted individuals. The writer also demonstrates that prisoners should be respected since they are human beings. This is even though some of them might have committed crimes in their regions. They are individuals who had made errors in the past because of factors that were beyond their control.

Additionally, others might have been accused falsely and ended up in jail. Therefore, it does not mean that everyone in prison is a criminal. It is the reason why Stephenson sympathizes with the 14-year-old kid. One of the examples consists of McMillian’s case. The audiences were able to connect and have mercy on McMillian. It was because he was falsely accused falsely for the things he did not do. This was an issue that could put McMillian in a state of trauma. It leaves individuals thinking whether the cause of the suffering was what he faced at the death row. Therefore, under normal circumstances, no innocent person should not suffer from these experiences.

Stevenson’s also uses some references that result to emotional reactions. This makes the reading more interesting because the audience is eager to know what will happen next. Moreover, it enables the readers to understand more about the convict’s cases. It can assist whether they were treated well. However, the individual judgment, in this case, must consider the evidence that was given before convicting any person. The second case is that of Trina Garnett’s case. The young lady was accused of burning a house and causing the death of the minors that were inside.

Furthermore, the audience goes on to find out other troubles and intellectual disabilities that Garnett encountered as she grew up. For instance, she was sexually assaulted during her childhood days. This makes the readers sympathize with Garnett. As a result, many individuals ended up believing that she was not responsible for the fire incident. It makes individuals think that this fire started accidentally. Therefore, this story makes individuals feel that the authorities are mistreating the victims.

The use of pathos assists the audience to understand and support Stevenson’s sentiments. It also helps in building the reliability of information that he provides. The interracial affair between Walter McMillian and Karen Kelly caught the attention of many individuals in the city of Alabama. He further explains that interracial marriages were banned in Alabama in the twenty-first century. It is evident from the reading that Kelly and McMillian met in 1986.

Consequently, this enables the audience to comprehend the main concepts of the book. Moreover, it makes the audience have a feeling that Stephenson was a faithful lawyer and writer. Stevenson’s revealed in 2002 that more than a hundred individuals with mental retardation were facing execution. It was after the court removed the death penalty for individuals with intellectual disability. It permits the audience to know the number of people with disabilities who are under the death row. The issue that leaves individuals in a dilemma is whether they are innocent or guilty. One of the perfect examples of such a case was that of McMillian.

Stevenson also uses the use of pathos to demonstrate his views on various matters. Some of these issues comprise of the death row and corruption in state systems. This increases the audience emotions as they read his book. Just Mercy discloses how specific categories of individuals were mistreated in the community. He uses this approach to persuade the readers to accept his opinion regarding various issues that affect society. However, his sentiments are supported by the background history and the supporting evidence. Furthermore, Stevenson this approach in an appropriate manner. This enables him to understand the various challenges in America.

In this reading, Stevenson has used the use of pathos to expose the various crimes that face people in society adequately. Some of them include murder, theft of public resources for individual gains. Through his book, it becomes easier for people to judge the conduct of individuals in society. Therefore, from the reading, there is an emotional feeling among the members of the public that there is a need to intervene to rectify these issues. Towards the end of the book, Stevenson creates another emotional appeal to his readers by using pathos. He suggests that he meet an old woman in New Orleans seeking justice for her grandson. The latter was murdered 15 years ago by known assailants. The case had stayed in court for 15 years, and the killers were convicted for their actions. However, she said that the conviction could not relieve her pain. This is because of the love she had towards her grandson.

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