Bristol Royal Infirmary Case

Several solutions are available to help address the quality issues raised in the Bristol Royal Infirmary case. Among them is effective communication between HBC professionals, caregivers, parents and children. This would help address the situation since the parents will be able to know various risks involved before subjecting their children to this activity. The professionals involved should give the parents options if they fill that the staff involved is not highly qualified for a certain task. This can help in preventing unprecedented deaths. The patients should also have access to information regarding the hospital so that they can have adequate knowledge while making decisions.

Feedback from patients should be taken seriously at all times. Some patients had brain damage after undergoing heart surgeries in Bristol Royal Infirmary. Taking the feedbacks seriously would help the surgeons involved to identify the problem that occurred and hence prevent its future occurrence on other patients.

Employment of competent health professionals would also help in addressing the situation. This is because competent professionals are not likely to spearhead negligence when it comes to the lives of people. Their level of qualification would not allow them to make some stupid mistakes, which are very likely when unqualified personnel are involved.

Patient support services are also among the proposed solutions to this situation. However, this might not make a major impact. There are nurses and other support staff in the hospital, but their knowledge is somewhat limited. It might be difficult for them to mitigate various problems created by the doctors. However, they can be trained to be more diligent in their areas of specialization so that the shortcomings do not emanate from their side.

Staffing children healthcare professionals would also address the situation. In this case, it is outright that there is a low priority given to children. This is because the cases reported only indicate a shortcoming towards children and not other patients. This means that the staff available for taking care of children is not adequate. Bringing in more professionals that are solely concerned with children would help in solving the issue.

Training all the relevant staff involved with the institution might also work as a solution. The situation might be extensive than what meets the eye. Even when the surgeons are extremely careful in what they do, negligence from other stakeholders involved might result to deaths of children. This makes it important for all the stakeholders involved to undergo the necessary training.

Regular monitoring of performances also presents a suitable solution to this problem. National Health Service should undertake this task. Monitoring ensures that the activities being undertaken meet the required threshold. It eliminates any lapses that might arise on the side of the personnel involved with the hospital. The NHS should also try to remove all the unsafe practices during the monitoring process.

Ensuring safety of care would also come in handy in solving the problem. This because the Bristol case shows aspects of a lax with regards to clinical safety. When the lives of people are the subject matter, it is usually a high time that all the safety standards are put in place.  Every life is precious hence the need to do anything to ensure that it is saved.

The patients should also get information of the nature of treatment being provided at all times. They should be part of the decisions that impact their lives. This would be helpful since the doctors would not bring about ideas that are likely to put the patients in danger. This is because the patients would refuse to go along with the ideas if they fill they are putting their lives in danger.

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