Broken Blossoms Film

Broken Blossoms is a 1919 mainstream film. The main characters in the film include Lucy, Battling Burrows and The Yellow Man. The film has several themes that enable viewers to analyze various aspects.

Among the themes involved is that of suffering. This theme manifests itself based on the life of Lucy. She is a young girl, but has already endured a lot of suffering in her life. Most the suffering emanates from her father who abuses her every opportunity that he gets. Even the slightest of mistakes usually results to whipping regardless of whether it was intentional or accidental. This theme has been devised with the objective of trying to get viewers more concerned with the life of Lucy. It is a theme that elicits sympathy and hence would result to viewers being inclined to her. It enables the film to be emotional in various ways. Witchard (2009) asserts that emotional films tend to stir viewers and make them intrigued at all times. This aspect makes them desire to watch the film up to the end

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