Brookdale Senior Living Analysis

Brookdale Senior Living owns and operates senior living facilities in the entire United States. It is the leading facility operating over 1000 retirement and senior living communities, 383 facilities, in 30 states and serves over 30,000 US residents. Based in Brentwood, Tennessee, the company was founded in 1981when two predecessor companies wanted to offer better living experience. The designed, built and operated properties with the purpose of providing the highest quality care, service, and accommodation for residents to live.

Organization’s Mission

The mission statement for Brookdale Senior Living defines the mandate of the company and how it delivers its mandate to the communities. Its mission involves making the better the lives of the community members the facility serves with respect, integrity, compassion, and excellence. Brookdale living does this through its associates who connect deeply in personal and profound ways with the people. They ensure that the lifestyle is comfortable and the environment is caring in a way that would improve their wellness, meet their wishes, and connect with friends and families. At the same time, they offer answers and solutions to help meet the individual and unique needs of the residents as well as their family.

Broad Goals

The broad goal of Brookdale Senior Living involves enhancing the lives of the residents it serves through the achievement of the operational excellence consistently in their core business. Thus, its goals involve having the lives of US residents better.

Measurable Objectives

To enhance the experience of its customers and associates where customers can recommend its services and products to others

To ensure that sales and marketing processes are improved to allow communities to share leads more effectively

To achieve the simplification of the organization so that to achieve effectiveness and efficiency

The company aims at innovating the future to serve the needs of the residents better.

General and Health Care Environment

General Economic environment

Early 2007, there was a general economic downturn that negatively affected the entire industry, and Brookdale Senior Living was directly affected. The construction of the new units was halted within the facility. As they moved towards 2010, there was a general slow economic growth in the entire industry as it slowly recovered its occupancy as was noted by the National Investment Center. However, there have been some improvements in the economy and the senior living industry at large in the recent. The same has been reflected by the improvement in the general economic environment of the company.

Specific Healthcare environment

Brookdale senior living is also impacted by the various healthcare trends within the industry and the environment. Longevity results have increased in seniors’ increased frailty, the soaring rate of dementia, chronic illness, and chronic conditions have increased among the elderly. Consumer awareness among senior, families, and friends concerning the services provided by the senior living operators has increased. In 2012, some Medicare therapy services were subjected to the manual medical review process that adversely affected the provision of services for patients. Therapist productivity was also affected negatively.

Complete a competitor analysis

Over the years, the competition trend has been changing. In 2006, there was an adverse change in the competitive environment in various portfolios of senior living services of the company. Different markets for the consolidated senior housing portfolio significantly acquired new competition. There is a high competition in the senior living industry where Brookdale competes with multiple organizations which provide alternative senior living services. They include home healthcare agencies, retirement communities, service programs that are community-based, and convalescent centers among other providers. There has been increased investment following an increase in the construction of new senior housing assets. The company has faced some adverse effects in the cash flow and operating results because of the inability to expand business and attract residents due to competition. Some of the major competitors include Capital Senior Living Corporation and Sunrise Senior Living LLC that offer competition at the national and regional levels.

SWOT analysis

Brookside Senior Living exhibits its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the process of carrying out its operations.


Some of the strengths of the organization include strong distribution network following the company’s move to have a reliable distribution network to reach the potential market. It also experiences good returns on the capital spent following the uniqueness of the new projects the company innovates. It has a workforce that is highly skilled through training and learning. The organization has also proved good performance in the new markets due to the expertise it uses to enter new markets.


The organization is not good at forecasting product demand that leads to its loss of opportunities to competitors. It has as well been unable to address the challenges that come with new entrants leading to loss of some market. It exhibits poor financial planning. Inability to adjust fast to the latest technological changes as well it has not invested much in research and development like the way the industry is doing.


The low rate of inflation allows the market to be stable; thus Brookdale Senior Living customers can obtain credit at the low-interest rate. The new technologies enable the organization to have new strategies in pricing. It has also increased the base of online customers. The cost of transportation has lowered increasing the chances of the company expanding its profit.


Brookdale Senior Living could face a threat following a changing consumer buying behavior which could affect the physical infrastructure that exists within the organization. Some global markets may have low skilled labor that could lower profit making. Low-quality products and counterfeit imitation is a threat to the products of the company.

Long-term strategies

Brookdale has adopted various long term strategies to its operations, marketing and ensuring financial stability. The organization targets to increase the organic growth of the existing operations through increasing revenues by combining occupancy growth and resident fee. The company intends to use expertise to improve the economies of scale in what it can be seen as growing through operating efficiencies. It will also expand the facilities that the company has to gain economic advantage. Growth is also expected through acquisition and asset portfolio consolidation as well as other senior living organizations.

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