Buddhism and Hinduism

Buddhism and Hinduism have both notable similarities and differences. The belief that Buddhists have about God seems to stem from the Hindu belief of the existence of many Gods with all coming from Atman. The Buddhists however reject the notion of there being an all powerful God who created the universe (Coomaraswamy, 2011). Jainism, just like Buddhism stemmed from protests against some aspects of Hinduism. The Jains have also borrowed from the Hindus is coming up with the salvation concept of Kaivalya. In the Jains concept the Hindu attitude of not expecting the fruits of labor is prevalent. Despite Sikhism having many similarities with Hinduism including the traditions of cremation and reincarnation beliefs, they have notable differences thus showing the uniqueness of the former. While Hinduism believes in the existence of many gods, Sikhism is a monotheistic religion with their god having infinite abilities.

Individuals in China and Japan identify with different traditions that dictate contrasting religious aspects. The different traditions in East Asia, particularly Japan and China have combined to form the unique concept of Tao which means “The Way”. In China, there is the tradition of Confucianism which has combined with the Japanese tradition of Shinto to form Taoism. Essentially, traditions and religions in the East Asia religion can be compared to the Abrahamic faith from which Christianity and Islam arise. In addition, the traditions of Mohism in China have merged to advocate for the cultivation of Te traditions in East Asia.

The aspect of predestination in Sikhism is related to Hinduism and Islam. Islam believes that God has full control and knowledge over everything that happens. According to them, everything that has been ordained is written by God. The Sikhs, apart from believing in predestination, they also believe that what a person does, hear and speaks is already decreed and a person must follow it. Sikhism as well as Islam, believes in the existence of a superior being, God. It is believed by Sikhs that God possesses no human form. They reject other gods and have been referred to as monotheists an also pantheists.



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