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According to the budget presented to the House and the Senate, there are necessary cuts that have been proposed by President Trump. Reduction of funding for the Environmental Protection Agency, Abolition of Obamacare and also reduce the spending on the nutritional assistance for the needy families (CBPP. 2019). Economists have projected its likelihood to help boost economic growth as well as revamp some of the critical economic variables.

According to the US 2017 Budget Process and Budget Proposals, the Senate and the House are leaning much towards the budget by the president and not much on the progressive caucus (CBPP. 2019). The budget has made some of the constructive recommendations in a bid to ensure that there are critical cuts within the budget and the reduction of the spending to spur the economic growth for the Americans. From the video, it is evident that budget making is a process that requires all the stakeholders' input to ensure that every vital element of the budget is addressed.

In 2017, ab

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