Building an effective Team for the Pre-launching stage of Madison Avenue Apartment Project in Surabaya

Building an effective Team for the Pre-launching stage of Madison Avenue Apartment Project in Surabaya

Project Title

Building an effective Team for the Pre-launching stage of Madison Avenue Apartment Project in Surabaya

Project Objectives

PT Arthamas Sejahtera Company plans to execute the Madison Avenue Apartment project in Surabaya, which is expected to launch in either January or February of 2017. The pre-launching sales are expected to be made within three months before the project is launched. The project desires to get the best out of every employee that is involved with the organization. This means that all the departments should work extra hard in order to actualize this prospect. Failure in one department might result in failure of the entire project. In this case, the relevant department that is being put into consideration for this analysis is the business development department. This department is coupled with the responsibility of ensuring that the pre-launching sales levels for the company’s project have met a favorable threshold.  This will only happen if the team involved is effective in the execution of the desired tasks. Failure to do this will result in an added cost burden on the side of the company based on the funding prospects of the project. If past experiences are anything to go with, this might prove to be quite difficult. There have been conflicts among the team members in the past, which are usually based on varied reasons. These conflicts have usually resulted in laxity in some areas hence hindering effective execution for some areas of the project.

For this reason, it is paramount to build an effective team in order to ensure that optimal results have been derived. Among the ways that his can be done is through building positive relationships among the team members, ensure effective communication, and solve conflicts among the members. When every team member becomes effective in their scope of operation, this is likely to increase productivity (Wheelan, 2012). Productive workers usually have an impact on the profit levels that prevail in any given organization.

There will be the objective of trying to move the team members from the storming and forming stages of team development to the norming and performing stages. This will mean that the members will move from the aspect of individualism that is usually coupled with anticipation, anxiety, uncertainty, frustration, resistance, tension and anger among others. This will lead them to conforming and adjusting to the team environment that will make them highly effective. This will be signified by cohesion, acceptance, cooperation, satisfaction, empowerment and interdependence among others.

The strive for ensuring that there is an effective team is based on the idea that it will help in the efficient execution of activities. When the team is performing effectively, the probability of making extra pre-launching sales increases significantly. This would mean that the company will have to incur reduced cost on the investment since the avenues of capital generation have been diversified.

Project Description

PT Arthamas Sejahtera Company is a property developer that is involved in the construction of varied properties for both domestic and commercial purposes. Most of the buildings developed are meant for sale or renting purposes. This is usually dependent on the nature of the building and the area where it is located. The current project that the company is involved with is the Madison Avenue Apartment in Surabaya. Currently, the project is in the pre-launching stage where adequate arrangements are being made to ensure that everything works out as planned.

In this stage, there are various activities taking place. Among them is the en

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