Building Trust in Teams

Managing any kind of team requires trust among team members. However, when the team members are different in some aspects, there is bound to be some obstacles. In my team, there is a twenty years veteran, a recent graduate and a wage employee. First, these three people have different aspirations. The recent graduate is there mainly for experience, the veteran is already experienced and the wageworker is there for wages. There is bound to be a conflict of interest. How do you manage people who have different interests? To ensure that each individual feels like a vital member of the team, I would interact with him or her personally rather than professionally. This would make them feel cared for.  In addition, working by example is the best way to guide people.

To build trust in my team, I would start by leading by example. I would show the team members that I trust others.  Team members often look up to the team leader for guidance. Leading by example is a good start in building trust. The next step is to communicate openly. Make the team members talk to each other openly in a meaningful and honest way. Encourage the team members to share their ideas and aspirations. I can also create team exercises that will bring the team members together.  This will enable the team members to interact as people and not professionals.

One thing that undermines trust is placing blame on others. When people are working as a team, mistakes are bound to happen. When everyone starts pointing fingers at a particular person, it lowers the morale and undermines trust within the team. I would encourage the group members to look at the mistake in a constructive way.

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