Bullying Video Reflection

Bullying Video Reflection

One Person Can Make a Difference

The bullying takes the form of harassment of a girl by her classmates. The bullying takes the form of verbal and physical attacks. The victim appears secluded from other classmates and undergoes a lot of stress. One of the bullies refers to her as a loser and argues that she is not fit to belong to the class. I felt sympathy for the girl as it was evident that she was secluded from other students and faced a tough time in school. The video opened my eyes on challenges that many students go through. I further realised that there are inadequate measures that have been put in place to address bullying in schools. On the contrary, many students are left alone to battle the bullying problems thus leading to poor performances.


Retrieved From https://youtu.be/Xuc8Pt5CinY


The Big Bully

The video made me realise that bullying is not restricted to any race. Contrary to the view that is bullying only target learners from minority groups, I noted that members of the white race and other races could be a victim of bullying. The video features a scenario where a young learner is harassed by older students from diverse ethnicity such as whites, Chinese and African-Americans.  The video indicates that bullying limits the ability of the c victim to take part in both learning and recreational activities. However, it also indicates that students have the ability to address the issue by standing against bullying. Although the two videos are scripted, they help offer a real-life scenario of the problems that many leaners face in learning institutions. There is thus the need to come up with policies and regulations to address the issue.


Retrieved From: https://youtu.be/TqUpcPLf2aA



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