Business Career Comparison

Executive summary

The recent world offers different careers in the increasing number of corporate organizations.  The different career opportunities in the modern world require extensive research to understand the area of specialization and where productivity will not be compromised. For instance, the corporate world has experienced major upheavals in the recent past which has greatly shaken the investors’ confidence. In order to restore the lost confidence, it becomes mandatory for the modern organizations to display great heights of credibility and transparency both within and without the organization (Ashton, 2008). The management of the organizational affairs should be carried out with a lot of professionalism to ensure sustainability of the organization.

Professionalism will also be of great importance in order to retain and sustain the confidence of the other stakeholders in an organization.  This is because the other top management is at times busy in managing the general operations of the organization. It is for this reason that highly qualified and competent professionals are required in the corporate world. In this case, we are concerned with the position of the company secretary. This is a very senior position in every organization and has major responsibilities in the important affairs of the organization. Being a very senior position which is accompanied by several benefits, it is job position which attracts a lot of interest from different people and thus requires competency and high level of professionalism to attain them.


The position of a company secretary is a very senior position in both public and private sector. The position is at times mistaken to be the same as management but they are totally different. They are also referred to as corporate secretary in other states such as America and in Canada. Company secretary is obliged to ensure smooth administration within the organization. Traditionally, the role of company secretary was limited to providing support to the board of directors as well as managing administrative affairs of the organization. However, the roles and responsibilities have become broader every day significantly thus making this position a very vital position in every organization.

It is also important to understand that although the name is company secretary, the role of these professional is neither clerical nor secretarial. The secretary is entitled to high profile responsibilities within the organization which ranges from financial to legal matters within the organization. Communication within an organization is critical and this can only be realized through effective operations of a company secretary (Ashton, 2008). The confidence of different stakeholders is vital in any organization and this can only be realized through competency and accountability of the company secretary. The position of a company secretary is regulatory in many countries in the world. It is a requirement by law for every organization to appoint one person as a company secretary and should be a senior member of the board. Many parliaments in the world have put in place legislatives Acts that governs the functions of the company secretary.

Job duties

The position of the company secretary is very vital in the smooth functioning of either private or public organization. Traditionally, the role of the company secretary was to provide support to the board of directors on the administrative affairs. However, it is important to note that the duties of a company secretary have increased exponentially over the time. Most of the job duties associated with the company secretary as the chief administrative officer of the company is well stipulated in the companies Act.

The primary role of the company secretary is to ensure that the organization complies with the required legal and financial standards. It is also his responsibility to ensure that the organization maintains high standards of corporate governance. They are expected to offer legal guidelines to the directors and other stakeholders within the organization.

Company secretaries are also expected to offer communication platform between the directors and the shareholders of the company. Other tasks that are carried out by the company secretary includes; organizing AGMs, maintaining statutory books, liaising with external regulators and advisers such as lawyers and auditors, being the company’s named representative on legal document, developing and overseeing systems that ensure compliance of all applicable codes within the organization just to mention a few.

Education needed

In order to qualify for the position of a company secretary, high education level and qualification are necessary. For instance, vast knowledge in business, accountancy, law and public administration is needed. At least masters degree in such fields is very crucial to ensure smooth dispensing of duties. It is also a legal requirement that a company secretary to be qualified with the institute of chartered secretaries and administrators (ICSA), solicitor, accountant or a barrister.

Job experience needed

In order to qualify for the position of a company secretary, a lot of experience is required. A vast experience in accounting, law, [public administration and other related field is vital for a successful company secretary. One should be in such occupation for a period of not less than ten (10) years to qualify to become a company secretary.

Skills needed

In order to qualify for a position of a company secretary, it is important to have distinct skills interests and qualities (Ashton, 2008). The position is sensitive one that can lead to detrimental repercussions if such critical skills are a miss. These skills include: excellent communication skills, good organizational skills, good time management skills, ability to solve problems and conflicts and sound judgment are just some of the necessary skills required by a competent company secretary.

Job personality and traits needed

The job of a company secretary also known as the principal secretary requires certain personality and traits. The position requires high levels of accountability and transparency to ensure that the confidence of all stakeholders is maintained and restored. Quality leadership is also essential in smooth functioning of the company secretary.

Work environment

The position of the company secretary is a very senior position in an organization. It is for this reason that the person holding this position should strive together with the board f directors to ensure a smooth working environment. A good environment can be achieved where dialogue is given a chance and swift conflict resolution measures are put in place.

Work schedule/hours/vacation

Company secretary is a prestigious position which every person in the business world would envy to hold. This is because there is minimal working hours in a calendar year. There are also several vacations with pay. The work schedule is accommodative since it is mainly through discussion sessions and the AGMs which are only held once a year. However, it is important to note that the position of a company secretary requires sacrifice and at times one is expected to work for extra hours even at night for the sake of the organizational success.

Work location and travel

The work location of the company is in the city centre. This is because several company headquarters are located in major cities. The cost of travel will be handled by the company. Company secretary is assigned a company vehicle which is chauffer driven and fueled by the company. To minimize on the travelling cost, it is important to use less fuel consuming vehicles and ensure that unnecessary travelling are avoided (Ashton, 2008).

Job outlook

The position of a company secretary is envied by many due to the great benefits associated with it. Company secretary is expected to transform the general operations of the organization. It is also a long term responsibility of the company secretary to ensure that the shareholders equity is maximized exponentially (Ashton, 2008).

Salaries and benefits

Company secretary position is expected to be highly enumerated due to the great responsibilities it is associated with. A company secretary is expected to have an annual salary ranging from £70,000 to £120,000. Other benefits associated with the position include other allowances and benefits. For instance, it is expected that travelling and housing costs are catered for by the company. The company is also expected to have a medical insurance for the secretary and his immediate family among other critical benefits.


The information regarding the company secretary position is important for modern learners who are aspiring to hold top positions in the near future. High level of competition in the job market especially in the position of the company secretary works as a motivation to work hard. This information is critical to ensure that young people are encouraged to work for big companies in the world. The high income earned by company secretaries is a good motivation to work hard.


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