Business Case Proposal

Project Topic:


Employees form the backbone of any organization and play a focal in fostering its success. Modern managers have often concentrated on grave emerging issues; hence, neglected trivial issues such as employee motivation. It is prudent for organizations to redesign their organizational structure from a hierarchical system to a flat mechanism that inculcates the ideas of all stakeholders. Through a flat organizational structure, employees play an essential role in the decision-making role. It is also possible to motivate employees by inculcating modernized technology coupled with comprehensive training. Integrating technology into the workplace increases collaboration and sharing between the employees.

Communication is vital in the workplace today in that it creates efficiency. One of the major benefits of technology especially the internet is the possibility of working from home. Working from home enables the employees to strike a balance between work life and family life. Once the balance is achieved, the employees will feel motivated and cared for by the employer. However, the introduction of technology must be coupled with intensive training for the employees to be able to utilize the technology. Another employee motivation factor is creating competitive remuneration packages. Compensation packages have an impact on the employees’ level of engagement. Primarily, employees are motivated when the compensation package is competitive. Employees relate their compensation package to their value in the company. Good compensation planning keeps the employees satisfied and motivated.

Target Audience for the Business Case and the Value of the Business Case to the Target Audience:

`           The business case will help both organizational managers as well as employees in creating a more serene work environment. Organizational managers will receive formidable tips on the steps they require implementing while transforming from a hierarchical to a flat system. Indoctrination of advanced technology will foster improved performance at reduced costs. Similarly, employees will receive enlightenment on the advantages allied to a flat organizational system. Although improved compensation might be expensive, the changes will ensure that both stakeholders will reap immense benefits from the business case, as they will learn how to coexist in a more stable environment.

Value of the Project to the Writer

As a writer, I expect to garner significant benefits from completing this business case. First, I will have to conduct a comprehensive research relating to the current predicament-ailing employees in the organization. Forthwith, I will endeavor to unearth the implications allied to redesigning the organizational structure from a hierarchical to a flat system as well as improving the company’s technology. Since I will oversee the implementation phase, I will help other stakeholders in dealing with any emerging eventualities.

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