Business Communication

Therefore, this paper illustrates my real-life situation whereby I was accorded bad news by a company and how the case was handled.  For instance, recently, Facebook has had various complaints concerning security breach and hacking of various clients’ accounts (Snyder, 2015). I was one of the many culprits to fall under this category in 2017 whereby the facebook company blocked my account. My account had been hacked by anonymous malicious individuals who had been appetized by the great multitude of followers and the business ideas in which I had turned my platform into. The incidence started when I unknowingly clicked another facebook page which resembled the real Facebook page. The malicious individuals then hacked my account due to the business potential they had seen by the many followers I have. I lost access of my account to the hackers which made me opt for assistance from ‘forgot password’ links. However, all my efforts were in vain as I was informed by the platform support that they did not recognize me. This bad news was a blow to me as I had natured my account and was transacting a lot of businesses. At the end of the day, I had to give up on my account.

The ineffectiveness on the communication of the account was because I was not awarded a chance to explain my situation to a real human being for assistance. On the contrary, help was strictly web-based (Snyder, 2015). Given an opportunity to change how I was informed, I would employ Facebook customer care support who would interact with clients with such misfortunes and assist in clarification where necessary.

In conclusion, security of platforms should be maintained at all times. This should be enhanced via real human assistance to facilitate fairness during handling of cases related to account insecurities. For instance, a customer care team which is active should be recruited which offers 24-hour service to reduce insecurity issue delays and inconveniences.


Snyder, C. (2015). Handling human hacking: creating a comprehensive defensive strategy against modern social engineering.