Business Interview Summary

During the interview, the interviewee stated that he got the inspiration to start the food business from his parents. The parents owned a small food store in the village, and when he was young, he would often help out in the store to serve customers. This experience sparked his interest in starting a food store. When he received news from a friend that a local food store was selling, he saw it as an opportunity to buy it and start his own restaurant. He borrowed a loan and purchased the company which started small but now it has a market share of over 70%.

The interviewee states that his management approach is not to hire professional managers. He made this decision because previously he hired professional supervisors, but the business suffered because of competitions between them and withholding of valuable information. He, therefore, dismissed the supervisors and replaced them with mid-level supervisors who directly reported to him. This move saw the company increase its productivity and profits. From this improvement, he, therefore, decided that low-level supervisors were the best choice of management. He, however, makes all the important decisions by himself and is looking to pursue an MBA to learn strategies of productive operations.

The interviewee says that the business has been able to maintain high market shares and competitive advantage for years because the management is constantly involved in markets research and analysis of consumer tastes, needs, and preference. The store introduces delicacies that appeal to customers. He attributes the success of the company and its competitive advantage to the ability to understand the spending habits of the consumers and focusing on their needs. He adds that foreign competitors often fall behind because they do not entirely understand the food culture of the community and this makes it hard for them to meet consumer demands effectively.