Business Level and Corporate Level Strategies

Business Level and Corporate Level Strategies

Business level strategy

Business level strategy discusses the actions of the company to deliver value to the consumers and increase competitive advantages (Birudavolu & Nag, 2019). The Amazon uses a customer based approach in the business level strategy to maintain long-term sustainability as well as the success of the company (Birudavolu & Nag, 2019). For instance, Amazon provides customer-centric commodities in the online platform at virtually affordable prices, free shipment, convenience and a vast selection of goods that leads to customer loyalty (Birudavolu & Nag, 2019). Amazon continues to provide a wide range of products with the ultimate intention to fully satisfy their customer preferences. Amazon has also enhanced its efficiency on how it distributes products from the stores locate skillfully around the world (Birudavolu & Nag, 2019). The organization has software that allows it to set packaging labels and inventory levels by use of predictive algorithms (Birudavolu & Nag, 2019). Amazon provides high-quality goods and services using technological innovations such as drones, web-services, and prime at reasonable services.

Corporate level strategy

Corporate level strategy refers to the type of actions taken by a business organization to enable it to advance competitive benefits over the selection and organization of a combination of businesses that compete in different market products or several industries (Birudavolu & Nag, 2019). Amazon has adopted the diversification method in its corporate strategy to promote the development of products beyond the current markets and products but on the value network as well as abilities of the organization (Craig, William, 2015). The company began its activities in 1995 as an online book library. However, it now retails everything like technology thereby business methods give freedom for the sellers to promote and sell their products in the company websites. The diversification corporate level strategy allows the organization to establish long-term goals with strategic partners like Yahoo, Prodigy, home, and Netscape. Amazon has expanded its operations to new regions around the world (Birchall, 2015). For instance, the company’s activities in Japan, China, and Canada enable consumers to acquire goods and services from their countries’ currencies.




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