Business Opportunity Report

Business Opportunity

SW Delicious is an enterprise dealing with the sale of the Vietnamese sandwiches. Through prudent marketing and operational processes, there are increased chances of registering improved revenue levels. The presentation seeks to highlight the feasibility of the business by focusing on the budget estimates, marketing, projected earnings and other dynamics.

Why Vietnamese Sandwiches

Before settling for the Vietnamese sandwiches, there was a keen monitoring of the market trends and the performance of other regional dishes such as Banh mi, Pho, Banh khot and Banh goi. These foods are both simple to make and delicious and have in the past attracted a huge client base. Vietnamese sandwiches can also be defined as having fresh ingredients, simple to make and have diverse ways of making.

Operations of SW Delicious

Rather than adopting the street food model, the SW Delicious will feature a 40 seat quick restaurant in a busy street.  Customers will have the option of eating their meals at the restaurants or having takeaway meals.   The facility will have a drive-in and express services thus allowing the customers to order and pay for their goods within a short time.  There will be the offering of unique products such as Banh mi. The community is culturally diverse and will thus appreciate sampling new foods.

The Target Market

Market analysis indicates that the Quick Service Restaurant sector in the USA will record a 2.8% annual growth. Since the onset of the 21st century, there has been a significant rise in the customer spending levels.  The target group is the people of Tukwila who have an exceptional connection with Asian foods.  Nonetheless, the market is marked by varying consumer tastes and preferences thus the need to continually update the menu.


Estimated Sales in the First Year

During the first year of operations, there are projections that SW Delicious will sell 300 sandwiches per day. The attainment of this objective is inclined to both service delivery and proficiency in marketing operations. There will thus be a reliance on social media platforms and the internet as a way of increasing the awareness level of the brand. The target population has a high affinity for emerging technologies and will thus prefer to order and pay for their meals via online platforms.

Market Structure

There is rigid competition from market players such as Saigon Deli, Subway, McDonalds and Tammy’s Bakery. However, the products of SW Delicious are unique as compared to those offered by the rivals. The brand will capitalise on the shortcoming of the competitors such as the labelling of their foods as being unhealthy and junk. Other than communicating the health benefits and natural nature of the ingredients, there will be an attempt to reduce the time spent in ordering for the foods.

Pricing of the SW Delicious Products

The target market is highly conscious of the pricing of the products and will thus likely tend to shift to other lowly priced products. Although economic pricing will reduce the profit margins during the short run period, it will be effective in creating a huge loyal client base. It will further contribute to an improvement in the profit levels of the organisation in the long run period.

Manufacturing of SW Delicious

The operations of the SW Delicious will be supported a centralised supply system that will ensure that there is efficient and cost-effective of raw materials. It further allows the organisation to keep track of the quality of the raw materials thus promoting uniqueness and healthy products.  There will be the incorporation of both drive-in-ordering and table-side. On the other hand, there are plans to ensure that the products are effectively distributed to consumers.

Marketing Operations

The stiff competition in the market implies that there is a need to come up with innovative ways of dealing with the threat of rival brands. Social media platforms are effective in reaching a broad customer base while equally putting the marketing cost at the minimum. It further makes it possible to include videos and images of the products offered by the brand. It is similarly an ideal way of connecting with the target population as it is inclined to technological trends.

Marketing Message

The message that will seek to be conveyed in the marketing operations is the health benefits that come with the foods offered by SW Delicious. The message will ensure that it answers the questions of the consumers such as the health benefits, pricing, ingredients and other information. The message will further attempt to set the brand apart from other fast food joints that have a negative public image of leading to obesity and other health complications.

Budgeting of the SW Delicious Operations

Administrative charges ($250)

Rents and Renovations ($50, 000)

Equipment and Supply Costs ($110, 000)

Insurance Covers ($6000)

Accounting and Payroll ($400)

Estimates in the Revenue Levels

Month Revenue
January $20,000
February $23,000
March $25,000
April $26,000
May $29,000
June $33,000
July $35,000
August $37,000
September $41,000
October $45,000
November $47,000
December $50,000


Operational Costs on Monthly Basis

Month Cost
January $2,000
February $2,300
March $2,500
April $2,600
May $2,900
June $3,300
July $3,500
August $3,700
September $4,100
October $4,500
November $4,700
December $5,000