Business Questions

Question 1

Workflow management entails coordination of various tasks which make up the entire work done by an organization. The importance of workflow is achieving better results from some predetermined goals.

1. Check mail

Simple email workflow;


3. Do I want to reply now







Question 2

Total quality management (TQM) can be used to add value to our systems and improve our processes by being customer focused, engaging all employees in working towards common goals and integration systems of various functions within the organization.

Question 3

Competition process modeling and re-engineering provide an ideal set-up for any organization to continuously grow and evolve in line with the merging trends within its line of work. Lack of competition will result in no improvement of services and products and less creativity.

Question 4

The information systems used in businesses today include; Transaction processing systems, management information systems, decision support systems, and executive support systems.

Question 5

The advantage of IT business over others within the sector would be convenience and quick service, low operation costs and with a broader reach, and ease in measuring and tracking the results.

Question 6

Software and services sector and the mission statement is building on our vast product excellence history and technology innovation in the provision of high quality and reliable products to our customers all over the world.

Question 7

Four different web technologies are Browsers, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Web development frameworks and Protocols.

Question 8

Benefits of performing a SWOT analysis with a team of IT professionals is that clear and cohesive information for strategic planning will be realized, and proper simulations were done for the same. The IT professionals will also help in the identification of core competencies of the firm easily.

Question 9

Three different wireless technologies are wireless networking, WiMAX, and WI-FI.

Question 10

The difference between public and private sector is that the organizations within the private sector have greater freedom to operate as compared to public organizations which are governed by rules, traditions, laws and structural bureaucratic balances.

Question 11

It is essential for IT professionals to know the difference from a system perspective so that the can easily troubleshoot any problems within the system and be in a position of handling it and solving it within the shortest time possible.

Question 12

Three different data management systems are; Hierarchical databases, Relational databases, and Network databases.

Question 13

Business virtue is the quality and excellence which makes the business better according to its nature. Some of the attributes include; Integrity, Responsibility, Leadership, and fairness.



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