The Business Response to Environmentalism

The chapter details business trends in response to environmentalism and especially as advanced through new scientific findings and societal values. The emergence of the environmental movement in modern times has led to a change in the products that businesses produce. Indeed, manufacturers and businesses view the onset of environmentalism and indeed any other change in societal value, as having a potential to inflate the costs of production and to reduce their profit margins. However, the case of environmentalism is also considered as a new opportunity for business growth by venturing into products that conform to the new societal values. Although most businesses initially considered environmentalism as something that could be held at bay, they have eventually accepted the place of environmentalists as friends of sustainable business growth. Although environmentalism has lost significant political power over the years, environmentalists now compensate for this loss through active application of pressure on the customers. Ultimately, businesses can respond to environmentalism through full or partial compliance and/or attempting to change the pressure.

Overall, the paper is effective in exploring the general response of businesses to environmentalism especially in these modern times. Although largely limiting in the discussion, the author points out that businesses have two options when dealing with environmentalism. However, response to changes that affect businesses including environmentalism are handled depending on the level of pressure applied on the stakeholders. By exploring the development of environmentalism over the years, the author manages to capture the changing responses to the movement across the business field. Despite this clarity in the discussion, the author fails to appreciate the fact that businesses are solely in operation to maximize profits. As such, any changes that pose inherent threat to this endeavor will obviously be met with resistance. It is not therefore in the interest of businesses to provide a healthy environment for environmentalism to thrive.

The author is highly effective in capturing the changing tact among businesses in response to the growing influence of environmentalism. Initially, businesses resisted any attempts by environmentalists to influence business operations but later accepted the changes, albeit involuntary. Today, most businesses view environmentalism as an opportunity for business growth and development. In this regard, businesses are structured to reflect the spirit of environmentalist to attract more customers while delving on products that conform to the principles. It is now almost mandatory for businesses to implement environmental management systems to attain maximum benefits from the concept of environmentalism. Ultimately, the author effectively dispenses the arguments in a logical and coherent fashion thus reaching to the intended audience. Further, the perfect articulation of the dynamism with which businesses respond to environmentalism captures the true spirit on the ground.

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