We Can Fix Corporate Taxes

Research Question/Thesis

Can the flaws in the America’s corporate tax system be fixed?


Leonhardt, David. “We Can Fix Corporate Taxes”. Nytimes.Com, 2016, http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/18/opinion/campaign-stops/we-can-fix-corporate-taxes.html?_r=0.

The article is written by David Leonhardt and he asserts that America’s corporate tax code is a mess, and there is need to make changes. The author supports the claim by showing various weaknesses that are present in the tax code. The purpose of the author is to provide various alternatives that can be used in order to fix the flaws pertaining to corporate taxes. Given the simplicity of the language used, Leonhardt targets the general population with an ability to read.


Mankiw, N. “One Way To Fix The Corporate Tax: Repeal It”. Nytimes.Com, 2014, http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/24/upshot/one-way-to-fix-the-corporate-tax-repeal-it.html.

Gregory Mankiw’s article argues that corporate tax can be fixed by repealing the tax code. Mankiw backs his claim by showing how the current tax code has resulted to various shortcomings, thus providing several alternatives upon repealing of the code. The author’s purpose is to show how the current corporate tax system is flawed in order to affirm his thoughts that it ought to be repealed. Mankiw targets the general public that is fond on reading articles on New York Times since he uses a language that is quite easy to comprehend.


Barro, Josh. “Inverting The Debate Over Corporate Inversions”. Nytimes.Com, 2014, http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/07/upshot/inverting-the-debate-over-corporate-inversions.html.

Josh Barro asserts in his article that the debate regarding corporate inversion should be checked from different angles since some of the suggestions brought forward regarding corporate taxes are not entirely favorable. Barro supports his claim by referring to various suggestions that have been made in the past, and highlights the potential side effects that they might bring. The purpose of the author is to show that the issue of corporate taxes should be viewed in a holistic manner in order to come up with a lasting solution. Given the simple language of the article, Barro is writing to the general public that is interested on issues pertaining to corporate taxes.

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