Canadian Art Visual Analysis

The artwork is always a representation of the piece of communication that an individual wishes to pass through to the coming generations for education. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is a repository of one of the most significant graphic collections of art in Canada which encompasses drawings, prints as well as a survey of the five centuries of visual contribution. It also includes a masterpiece by a variety of artists spanning the historical times of the North American as well as the European art.

Visual Description

Some of the emerging optical elements of this collection of artwork are the painting, the color as well as the presentation. There has been the distinct use of color with the grey scale being used appropriately by the artists in making the work more visible. Mounting the pictures of artwork on the wall is also amongst the most important elements that helped in ensuring that the museum is more educative(Charbonneau p218). The paintings have line weights that are heavy and thick. The effects made in the pieces of artwork enable effective lighting to ensure that there is appropriate illumination of the pictures as well as a proper platform for one to understand the piece of art. The artwork in the museum is mounted on wall hangings that make the floor space of the museum as well as the exhibition to be more or less organized and easily identifiable.

On analysis of the specific collection “Towards Modernism,” there has been an analysis of different approaches to visual arts – this is done by the advocates of modernism who strive to define the national artistic identity such that it can be understood adequately. The piece of artwork is done in a manner that color is used sufficiently and there is appropriate lighting. On analysis of the scale, it has been done to fit in the paper as well as an illustration of the cultural intuitions that help in understanding the art.

The collection of photography and graphic arts includes works by renowned artists, for instance, Callot, Claude, Goya, Raimondi, Redon, Titian, and Watteau as well as other main works that were done by key artists of French, German as well as American schools. The Quebec, as well as the Canadian art (inclusive of Aboriginal art), is richly represented in a piece from 18th Century which includes the excellent and distinguished selection of various graphic works (Charbonneaup231). In contemporary art, aspects such as passion and inner experience are usually not given much consideration. Each element of the artwork represents the formal game regarding how people see things in various art exhibitions.

Primary Theme

In this work, culture is the theme under exploration. There are a lot of cultural elements presented in the pictures, which mount on the wall. Significant aspects of culture, as well as the various aspects of Canadian culture, are presented in the art with the great emphasis being on social change. Of course, culture is comprehensible from an analysis of the art elements  displayed in the various museums as well as an understanding of some of the precedents of the art elements.

The Exhibition Space

The exhibition space on the floor in the museum is arranged in an organized manner. Some of the drawings and paintings that could be hang on the walls are hanged with some  preserved in transparent glasses – this was done in a bid to ensure that the floor space is utilized to the optimum. The chosen collection of artwork, Photography and Graphic Arts, fits in because of the sufficient lighting at the museum which makes the pictures to be more distinct(Charbonneau p242). The Canadian identity exploration in this floor of the museum has been successful as the pictures are a representation of Canadian culture in context.


Work Cited

Charbonneau, Diane, Rochers J. Des, and Rosalind M. Pepall. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ Collection. Montréal: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 2011. Print.

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