Careers for people with financial education

Careers for people with financial education

There are various careers which people with financial education can pursue. The sector has experienced tremendous growth, which has led to the emergence of new opportunities. One of the occupations in finance is risk management. It involves identifying and managing different forms of financial risks in a company (Nam, Wang, & Zhang, 2008). In the current economy, their fluctuations which can affect the performance of a firm. As a result, it is essential for an organization to identify any possible risks and come up with strategies of avoiding and mitigating the effects of the risk. There are various tasks associated with e risk management career. Individuals in this career can be engaged in financial risk analysis or modeling of strategies of dealing with the risks. The risk management career is significant in an organization. It prevents a company from facing financial challenges during bad economic times. Through this career, a company can analyze any possible risks which may affect the performance of the firm, and come up with strategies of mitigating their effects.

Another important career in this field is corporate finance. It entails the management of all the financial activities of a company. In big organizations, there are many transactions involving receipts and disbursement of money. As a result, qualified professionals are required to manage the funds of the firm. People in this career are engaged in a broad range of activities. They include determining ways of raising major capital, making decisions related to investment and also the management of the money of the company (Bolton, & Freixas, 2006). Since corporate finance career involves a diverse range of roles, the qualifications for different positions also differ. The corporate finance career is significant in an organization. It is concerned with all the activities which maximize the strategic growth of a company.

Apart from the educational qualifications, there are specific skills which a person in the risk management career should possess to succeed in the profession. First, an individual should possess problem-solving and decision-making skills. A person should also have commercial awareness, to be in a position to understand the key risks which can affect the performance of a company (Nam et al., 2008). A person in this career should have a good understanding of broad business issues and be in a position to evaluate costs. Risk management professionals should have analytical skills and also have the ability to keep a good eye on details. For the corporate finance career, a professional should have strong analytic and quantitative skills. Since the job entails the management of all the financial activities of a company, people in this career should have knowledge of accounting regulations, financial analysis and reporting as well as taxation (Bolton, & Freixas, 2006). Problem-solving, diligence, and attention to details skills are also important in this career. Interpersonal skills are also necessary because the career involves interaction among various departments in the organization.

The most recommendable career position is that of corporate finance. It involves a broader scope and a person in this profession can work in different areas. The job entails all the activities associated with the management of the financial operations of a company. As a result, a person in this career stands a better chance to improve knowledge in all the activities related to the financial management of organizations. A person in this career can start and manage a business successfully because of the good understanding of all the financial matters of a company derived from the position.

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