Case Application- GROWER’S CHOICE


  1. a) Use of HRIS software would make the HR department efficient in many ways.
  • It will provide a database of employee information such as names, salaries, and addresses in a form that is accurate and easily accessible.
  • It includes time and attendance tracking of employees reducing documents forgery and absenteeism of lateness to work.
  • It will provide more efficient payroll functionality by accurately calculating salary and taxes.
  • Can be used to source candidates for recruitment, training their employees.
  • It will reduce the use of paperwork; hence information will be safe and easily accessible at different locations.
  1. b) How HIRS would have made a difference in the situation of the disabled book-keeper and time sheets.

HIRS software contains all the required information within the software. Hence employees can comfortably work from home such as the disabled book-keeper. Since she can access information and can communicate using the software, it’s not necessary for her to be in the office. She can work from home.


Legal and ethical issues involved in the case.

Legal issues

  • Falsifying time sheets by the manager for five years is a legal issue. It’s wrong for any employee of any organization to forge documents.
  • An employee working from home without the consent of the organization is a legal issue.


Ethical issues

  • The store manager taking the required documents to the book-keeper to work from home is an ethical issue. It’s an act of kindness on the part of the store manager so that the employee can’t lose her job. But it is not acceptable in the company.



How Growers choice can improve their view on diversity and work-life balance.

  • In terms of diversity, Grower’s Choice should be ready to take up new technological advancements that can improve their services instead of used old school techniques that are not efficient. It can also employ younger generations that are more familiar with the use of current technologies.
  • On work-life balance, the organization can buy the option of employees who can work from home by use of HRIS software and other technologies to do so. This will allow them to even work in odd hours as long as they deliver on time.


By researching two supermarket chains in my locality which are Whole Foods Market and Giant Eagle, I found evidence of the use of technology by the human resource department in their operations. Time and attendance tracking of employees is computerized where employees by pressing a button enter information of their check-in and check-out time.

Employee information such as names, salaries, and addresses is kept in a database and not in paper documents like in previous years. Wages and taxes are also computerized for efficiency. I also realized that application for different job positions in the supermarket chains is online; hence no use of paper documents. This evidences showed the use of technology by human resource department.


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