Case Study: A Research Plan

Case Study: A Research Plan

Research topic: A study on the impact of E-commerce on India’s economy.

India has emerged as a significant player in the new international business scene based on its exponential economic growth. It is now the focus of attention in the area of international business. The objective of this topic is to review the benefits and challenges of e-commerce, a new business model in India’s economy.

Research problem: Despite India being the largest user base in the world, e-commerce penetration is relatively low compared to markets like France, China, and the United States.

E-commerce has drastically grown in India as many Internet users have added to its growth. E-commerce is a relatively new concept that has the potential of altering the traditional forms of economic activities, and it has already affected sectors such as finance, communication and retail trading in India (Sarode, 2015).  For emerging economies like India, successful implementation of e-commerce becomes a challenge as people still rely on traditional methods of doing business.

Research aim: To understand the current status and trends of E-commerce and key variables that influence the use of E-commerce in India.

The theoretical concepts of E-commerce will help us gain knowledge of E-commerce in India. Various E-commerce models in business will help understand the benefits and challenges of E-commerce on India’s economy.

Research Questions:

  • What is the reason behind the delay in e-commerce implementation in India despite it being one of the largest market bases?
  • Is the impact of e-commerce positively or negatively affecting the business market in India?
  • Apart from the internet, what other E-commerce facilitators is India using to market its goods and services?

Case Study: To meet the defined research aim, a case study of the implementation of E-commerce in France and the United States will be used to make comparisons to that of India. The strategies of E-commerce success in the U.S.A will be compared to that of India. Additionally, the benefits and challenges of E-commerce in France will be comparable to that of India.  Notably, infrastructural difficulties and computer literacy affect the successful implementation of E-commerce in India (Chatterjee & Ghosal, 2014).

Research methods: The research methods used to answer the research questions will include secondary data. The secondary data will be collected from published books, journal and official statistical documents on E-commerce and Internet marketing (Ray, 2011). Notably, this study will be qualitative.




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