Cell phones cause cancer

There has been a significant concern in the recent past where people are concern whether the phones that they are using cause cancer. The concern come about after the cancer cases increased was more people are increasingly using mobile phones. Research is being done around the world to determine whether cell phones are contributing to people having cancer. Recent research has shown that there are several factors to associate mobile phones with cancer.

Cell phones use wireless communications that use radiofrequency radiation to allow for communication between phones. Research has shown that radio waves contribute to cancer among people (Mishra, Chowdhary, Kumari, & Rao, 2017). The research was done to compare the people that used phones and other without phones. The number of people who had phones was more with cancer than the ones who never used phones. From the study, it was concluded that cell phones cause cancer. The increased use of mobile phones in the world has led to an increased number of cancer cases.

Cell phones release heat while being used and when one keeps the phone in the pocket they release the heat to the skin of the user. Increased exposure of the skin to heat is also believed to be a significant contributing factor to skin cancer (Mishra, Chowdhary, Kumari, & Rao, 2017). The human skin was not created to be exposed to heat all the time, and therefore when exposed to the heat it has to respond. The way the skin will respond will determine whether the patient will have cancer all not. Cancer is increasing in the world, and research needs to be done to evaluate whether there is any connection between mobile phones and cancer.


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