Centers for Disease Control

Part One

Different states have a different mortality rate in the United States, and the mortality rate differs from one state to the other. Various factors contribute to the difference in mortality rate in different states where some states people are dying more frequently in some states while in others limited deaths are occurring (Xu, Murphy, Kochanek, & Arias, 2016). For instance, Alabama is leading in the number of deaths that occur every month while the state of New Hampshire is among the state with less mortality rate. Washington Statehas mid-range in terms of the number of deaths that occur. The death rates differ from one state to the other in terms of the age bracket of the number of people dying in each state.

The figure below shows the average death rate across different states in the US.

Older adults are dying in the state of Alabama and that way more it’s the leading state in terms of mortality. The other states there is a mixture of the causes of deaths, the state of new Hampshire majority of the age bracket consist of the youths who are mostly healthy hence there is reduced possibility of deaths occurring(Xu, Murphy, Kochanek, & Arias, 2016).  I observed that the majority of states have an almost equal mortality rate. Majority of the state have a mortality rate that is less than average.

Part Two

Mortality rate keeps on varying from one year to the other, in some years some countries experience more mortality rate more than the other. From the death chart, it can be concluded that fewer people die a natural death(Xu, Murphy, Kochanek, & Arias, 2016). The analysis of the hospital death rate concerning CDC is that fewer people die as a result of a wrong drug prescription. The majority of the autopsy that is conducted are the ones that involve mysterious deaths, and the family members want to know the cause of death of their loved ones.


Xu, J., Murphy, S. L., Kochanek, K. D., & Arias, E. (2016). Mortality in the United States, 2015.

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