Centerville Mayor Ed Johnson

Centerville Mayor Ed Johnson was announced by the press conference to be resigning at the conference room on September 19, 2017, because of a drinking problem and had become alcoholic.

Johnson has been the mayor of Centerville for 13 years, and he had to step down for Helen, currently the deputy mayor. Johnson stepped down immediately and effectively and announced that he had always loved to work with the people of Centerville. Johnson announced that Helen would do an excellent job. Johnson added that he was sorry and for the pain and embarrassment he had the friends, family, and the entire people of Centerville. Some people from Centerville were surprised about stepping down.

A town historian Sara Smithton was surprised about the ruling made. She knew Johnson as a fine man with a civic-minded family. Despite the embarrassment, John said that he was entering rehab to deal with his alcoholism. Johnson made this announcement with his wife and his three adult children while no Johnson’s family answered any question or spoke to the press.  Johnson made a tremendous contribution during his reign.

One contribution made by Johnson tenure as a mayor is the restoration of the central square into a community park with paths and gardens and local vendors. Another contribution made by Johnson is the installation of traffic lights along the main street. Also, there was a three-fold increase of members of the chamber of commerce, restoration of the historic movie theater on the main road, and a 55% increase of the opening of small business and those that remained in town.

“It has been my honor to serve with Ed for the past ten years, and I wish him and his family all the best,” said Peterson. Johnson assured all the people that Helen would do a great job. She added that the recent election was the most contentious in many years starting with five contestants and ending in a run-off.

Finally, No one was aware of what the conference was all about. Johnson was wearing slacks and blazer over a pale pink shirt not forgetting his trademark multicolored tie. On the other side, deputy mayor, Hellen Peterson was dressed in slacks and a blazer over a light-weight cotton sweater.

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