CGS 3175 Internet Applications


i). Purpose

The purpose of this website is to sell products that glow or blink in the dark. In order to pass the message across, the website is entirely dark in order to allow the products being sold to blink. In so doing, the website portrays the basic theme of everything else being in the dark while the products blink at the prospective client. Some of the products on sale include Halloween wands as well as LED skeleton gloves all of which blink in the dark.

ii). First Reaction

I came across the website through a friend while shopping for Halloween products. I had promised to get my little cousins something for that day, and I had no idea of where to commence. My initial reaction was that of surprise since it is quite rare to come across websites with dark background colors. Although the idea behind the dark background is to make the products blink while on display in the website, it fails in drawing attention to the products on sale. I remember when I landed on the page; I made a sour face that was followed by a giggle. It is quite easy to lose focus on what an individual had come to do on the site. This is because one is trying to figure out what is not in place on this website.

iii). Layout

Generally, the structural elements of HTML are integrated in the website including the headers, footers and navigation elements. However, there is still room for improvement as the website is too simplistic for an eCommerce business. The header contains the heading of the website as well as the search and account commands. This is well in line with the requirements of HTML making it ideal and f

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