Chain never stops

Question 1

The sentence “In the early years of…” has its purpose of illustrating how laborer would sue their companies for work-related injuries. During that period, workers working in hazardous environments would receive compensations for injuries received from work, and they could even take legislative actions against their oppressing employers. Also, the workers would gain access to better medical healthcare and insurance. The sentence’s purpose demonstrates how workers were highly taken care of by the various States.

Question 2

Since most of the slaughterhouses are self-insured, paying the workers comp would interfere with the profits made by the companies. The companies discourage the workers from reporting injury cases or even requesting for first aid. They also delay the workers’ salaries to curb spending on medical expenses.

Question 3

  • Delaying of workers’ salaries to avoid spending money on treating ailing workers.
  • The companies make the workers spend long hours in their hospital queues without offering any guarantee of medical attention
  • The signing of waivers to force the workers to stay longer in the company. The waivers would ensure that the workers receive immediate medical care.
  • The slaughterhouse companies would promise the workers medical surgeries which they would wait for almost three years to receive them.


Question 4

The purpose of the sentence is to illustrate the compensation a worker would receive in case they lost an arm or even a finger. It is a comp reform bill which Colorado passed on compensating arm related injuries accruing to workers, especially in slaughterhouses.

Question 5

Freedom of contract means that the workers agree with the slaughterhouse companies without necessarily involving the States. The statement is ironic for it only makes the workers even more frustrated with the labor unions than they would become to the company employing them.

Question 6

Pages 678-679 illustrate how the use of waivers has been forced on the laborers. Some of them were forced to sign for the waivers when they were in critical medical condition, and others would even sign with their mouths when both their arms were injured. Waivers are also included in the workers’ contracts, and they obliviously sign the contract without even understanding the terms.

Question 7

The purpose of the sentence shows how the body strains after doing the same task repeatedly for a long time. It shows that one can not only get stress injuries from work but also can get through sporting activities.




Question 8

Information about Kevin Glasheen and Rod Rehm indicate how attorneys are defending the rights of the laborers working in the slaughterhouses. They protect the rights and believe in the restoration of labor comps and offering the workers with adequate medical attention.

Question 9

A solution for offering waivers for the workers for deceiving them on their medical rights, only for them to suffer even more from these services. Also, during compensation for injuries and deformities, these companies offer their arbitraries whom they end up not paying as they finalize the negotiations with the injured workers.

Question 10

The last paragraph shows how the industry mistreats its ‘loyal’ workers by refusing to offer them the appropriate medical attention and compensation for deformity. The chain never stops means that the trends are still recurring and more workers will be subjected to the torment, for the industry is still likely to disregard their workers’ interests and only think of making profits.

Question 11

An example of Michael Glover being severely injured in work, shuttering his knee which had to be replaced with an artificial knee. Michael Glover still felt loyal to the company and even went back to work in a reduced role. He was fired eventually from the company.

The example also shows how signing the waivers restricted him from getting any form of compensation for physical pain and deformity.


Question 12

The journal offers solutions by making the issue of mistreatment of slaughterhouse workers to become a public awareness of the scandals happening in the slaughterhouses. The managers should become criminalized, and strict legal actions should be taken against them for violating the rights of their employees.

Question 13

The harsh working environments in the slaughterhouses are widely recognized because the companies, such as IBP conducts the activities for they believe that the laws permit them. They employ workers who are not aware of their rights and discard them when they become injured to a point where they can no longer work anymore.

Question 14

Michel Glover playing by the rules is an illustration of a slaughterhouse worker who has given in to the oppressive working conditions of the slaughterhouse of mistreating and forsaking its workers.

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