Challenges Facing psychology

Challenges Facing psychology

Question 1

What are some ways that psychologists can gain an understanding of cultural diversity among a diverse client base?

There are several ways in which a psychologist can be made to learn and understand the diversity of culture in the individuals that the psychologist deals with. Firstly, one has to look at the influence of behaviour. The behavior and character of psychologists to their clients have a group based expectation and people around can judge you by the cast. If nature impresses them, then they can open up and be friendly so that in the end one experiences cultural diversity and this helps in the process of gaining an understanding of the diverseness of culture.

Additionally, one can use a method of being an individual perceiver in the social world. As the psychologists live in a community, they can process large amounts of information, which includes the colour of the skin to the facial expression, the dressing code and preferences in politics and also language. Through perception and observation, one can gain a deeper insight into the diverseness of a culture.

Question 2

Are there any challenges within mental healthcare services with an immigrant population?

Many challenges face the mental healthcare services that chip in to provide help to immigrants with mental problems; this includes; first, language barrier.  The language barrier is applicable where the immigrants originate from a community that speaks a different language from the one they have migrated to, and this imposes a challenge because services cannot be adequately provided to the patients as they cannot be able to express themselves correctly to the doctors. The language barrier leads to another problem, whereby the healthcare centre has to hire interpreting personnel who can interpret for the doctors to simplify work for them. Hiring interpreters usually come along with a lot of expenses which have to be incurred by the centre, instead of channelling the money to something more useful.

Question 3

Are any particular challenges with mental healthcare with a diverse child/adolescent population?

The mental services providing help to adolescents also face particular challenges which include: the lack of adequate, stigma and lack of public knowledge about mental disorders in children and adolescents. Youths usually require special care and attention when it comes to handling them, and this entails the use of a lot of resources to provide such care. In cases where the centre cannot be able to afford the resources needed, it may be a big challenge.

Additionally, the lack of enough skilled personnel can also impact significantly on the services provided by the centre. Moreover, the lack of knowledge among many people about the mental disorders that affect children and adolescents can also be a challenge to healthcare. Hypocrisy applies whereby most parents and guardians do not understand that even children and adolescents can face the challenges of depression and mental illness and this causes them to realise the mental disorder later in the late stages of development, making it hard for the doctors in the healthcare to treat it effectively.

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