Change in Criminal Investigative Techniques and Methods

Change in Criminal Investigative Techniques and Methods

The Fourth Amendment is a bill in the United States Constitution, and it acts as a restriction that limits government law enforcement bodies to exercise brutal power to its people but rather serve to protect the right and province of the citizens. Sometimes, law enforcement bodies uses excessive force to conducts search on citizen homes, invading thei r  privacy rights, without the relevant legal warrant document, and in such kind of a case the Citizen may seek legal action to obtain exclusionary rule, which prevent the police from analyzing or use evidence the evidence collected through violation of the defendant constitutional rights. The Fourth Amendment states that it a right to the citizen to be secure in their properties, workplaces, documents, and person, furthermore it restrict police for conducting unnecessary searches and seizure on people without a valid legal warrant issued by the judge.

The Exclusionary rule is found in the Fourth Amendment and was implemented to protect citizens from illegal searches and seizures conducted by the police officer and legislators who use the evidence illegally against the accused defendant.  At a time these accusations violate the Fifth Amendment in the bill of rights in the United States Constitution which state that no person shall be forced to testify in a case against himself or herself.

Violation of the Fourth Amendment by Law Enforcement

A law journal which was written by Justin M. Sher, "travel at your own Risk" the American government does not require a legal warrant when investigating American citizens who live in foreign countries. The United States Court of Appeal for the Second Circuit gave an opinion in a case where the American Embassy was bombed by terrorists in Kenya a country in East Africa. For the first time in American history, the High Court of Appeal ruled that t

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