Change: Taking a new route to class calls

Change: Taking a new route to class calls

Question 1

Taking a new route to class calls for the need to prepare your mind for a change. It will call for the need to make small changes to be in class on time without wasting more time on the way. If I choose to use a different route, then there is a need to leave room earlier more than the usual time. Using a different is likely to make me meet new people some of whom may wish to talk to me. One may also find new adventures and new people, and this calls for the need to make adjustments before leaving the room. Using different route makes one see different sights which one is not used to while using the normal way. I would not change the route while going for my final exams.

Changing the route has an advantage in that one can see new adventures and experience a new feeling. It has adverse effects in that it is inconvenient and requires more time which may make one late for an exam — relating the case to the feeling of a staff nurse after the change by an administrator. The administrator may take the issue to be minor, but it brings enormous impacts to the nurses. Nurses find it hard to adjust within a short period.

Question 2

A significant change that occurred in my life was the death of my cousin who was my close friend. It took me a long time to adjust to the move despite the constant counseling and encouragements from people. If I had more information, then I would have talked to him just before his death to get me prepared.  Talking to him would have me understand that he needed to rest after a long-time illness. Following the Lewin’s model the first thing that made me adjust to the change was the realization that change is necessary for life and that I had to adapt to the change. The second step according to Lewin was to move towards a world without my cousin, and this took me more time. The final step was to live with the change and making the change a norm.


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