Changes in the EBP proposal

In every health institution, changes are a crucial part of the implementation of a project. However, sustaining these changes can sometimes be difficult as several variables affect implementation procedures. It is essential to make the change an important culture within the organization so that the outcomes can be realized in the future. However, several barriers can prevent evidence-based practice proposal changes from receiving approvals or continuing to obtain the results within six months from now. Some of these include resistance from the employees who are used to the different procedures from what has been proposed. It is not easy to convince people to accept new changes and immediately implement them without considering the consequences (Dang, and  Dearholt, 2017).  Because most of these changes will affect the employees directly, it is not easy for them to come on board and accepted the changes as they are. The other barrier to the implementation of the changes within the evidence-based practice is the resource availability. Most of these changes will demand resources to implement.

In most cases, they require money as long as time input from the people who are in charge. Because of this demand, it is likely that the requirements may not be met because of the limited resources resulting in a poor outcome. There are several ways in which these barriers can be overcome. The first strategy to overcome these barriers is to educate the people in charge and the benefits of the changes so that they do not resist them. The nurses will have to be told but they will also benefit from the changes, and therefore they need to support them. The other strategy is to ask for help from there people can support with the resources. These include non-governmental organizations and other government bodies who will avail the resources so that the changes can be successfully implemented.



Dang, D., &Dearholt, S. L. (2017). Johns Hopkins nursing evidence-based practice: Model and guidelines. Sigma Theta Tau.

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