Changing roles of men and women

Throughout history, men’s role has been to protect and provide for their families. The women role has been to rear children. Up until the late twentieth century, the line between the roles of women and men became blurred. Men are becoming more involved in child rearing while women are engaging in the business world.

A major reason why gender roles are changing is the high cost of living. In recent society, the idea of the man taking care of the family is no longer working. With the social problems such as unemployment, high cost of living and high cost of housing, the women are forced to step in to help the man. To strike a balance in the family, men also step in to help with the family choirs.

Another reason why gender roles are changing is technology. With technology, most of the activities around the houses are mechanically done. People buy clothes as opposed to buying them. There are dishwashers, freezers, dryers, dry cleaners and vacuum cleaners. Nothing is done manually any more. Most of the people work in the service sector. With this, women have been forced to lead a different life than they did traditionally. The society has changed over time and women have been forced to change with it. In addition, with the advancement in medicine, women can be able to plan their families. Gender has to change because the society has changed. Our societies have to adapt to the new technologies and scientific progress.

One of the things that influenced the change in gender roles is education. Traditionally, women had no access to education and thus could not do some kinds of jobs. Men were soldiers and politicians while women stayed home and reared children. However, with education, women realized they could also do what men could do. They became enlightened and thus adapted to the changing society. Another influential factor is the need for women to be equal to men. In recent years, women have put up a fierce fight against inequality in the society. Women want to have equal chances as the men in all parts of the society. Governments have adapted and implemented different policies to ensure that women and men are equal. This has forced the gender roles to change.

The change in gender roles has affected the women, men an d the children. First, it has eased the burden on men who have had to take care of the family financially alone. With equal opportunities, women and men can equally share the family expenses. Women have also been able to participate in the development of the societies through engaging in politics and holding influential offices. In addition, children have benefited from this change in that their lives have changed. With the sharing of family expenses, men no longer have to work for many hours and can spend time with their children.

Tradition was very influential in the determination of gender roles between man and women. Traditionally, men went out hunting for food as women stayed home cooking for their children and husbands. As society advanced, the gender roles were set. Men became the providers of the family while women stayed home looking after the children. However the changes in the societies have forced people to change thus changing the gender roles.

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