Chapter 11

This chapter looks at the legal aspects of sports. It identifies all the laws, and regulations that govern sport management in the United States of America. It goes in-depth to highlight the issues that an individual may have to handle in cases of contract breaches, injuries during sports, and how to seek compensation in such instances. It analyses the state court systems and the steps that one needs to take when following up a litigation case. It goes ahead to study contract law, and how to draft a contract. There is also a critical look into the constitutional law, and how essential it is to the issue of sports litigation. Another fundamental law in this chapter is the administrative and statutory mandate. These are important in the creation of sports agencies. It then looks at the tort law. This is crucial in identifying, and resolving issues where one is hurt whether intentionally or not. It then goes ahead through the management of risks, crowd control, and security, and product liability which lays down the procedure of compensating a person that is hurt by a product in an institution.

This chapter is critical for a sports management student, and any other player in the industry. I believe that it gives one an insight into what to expect, and how to handle situations in the sports sector. The contract law is particularly essential for any sports manager, and agents because it lays down the rules of engagement between a manager, and a sports person. Therefore, writing a proper contract will ensure that all the important aspects are covered. This will guarantee that the professional relationship between the parties in the agreement will be harmonious.