Chapter 9 Reflection

Chapter 9 Reflection

Chapter nine of the Internship, Practicum, and Field Placement Handbook is all about how we can prevent violence from clients, the right ways in which we can respond to any kind of assault and other related risks. I learned that in most cases we deal with clients whose behaviors are unpredictable and hence it is quite important that we take caution. Additionally, it is important to recognize that those who work with clients who are known to be mentally hill should take precaution and they should be ready for any possibility of violence. It is also essential for those who work with perpetrators or victims of domestic violence to be careful and prepared for any sort of violence. Visiting the homes of such people bears a great risk. Nevertheless, I learned that no matter the place I work I must realize that there are people who are by nature mean and violent.

On the issue of keeping up with aggression, I realized that it is important that once one comes across a situation that they cannot management by themselves, they should immediately inform the instructor and the supervisor. Also, if one realizes that someone, they work with is about to commit harm on one’s self, the supervisor and the instructor should be informed immediately not unless the situation needs immediate intervention by the closest person.

Finally, I learned that the best way to deal with violence is to prevent it even before it could start. The first step to take is to access all the situations that may lead to incidences of violence and resolve them as early as possible. Good clinical work is essential for violence prevention.



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