Charitable Facilities

Most hospitals in the United States are charitable, and they do great jobs of improving the health conditions of the society they serve. Since they receive benefits such as tax exemption they give back the benefits to the society. The charitable facilities are there for the community, and they provide free services, or they charge fair prices that are affordable to the low-income groups. However, for this particular discussion I will choose charitable hospitals from Houston Texas. The two charitable facilities include Memorial Hermann Hospital and Houston Methodist Hospital (HMH). When you research about the two hospitals, you will find that both have been registered as charitable facilities and not-for-profit organization. The two hospitals operate a community of healthcare facilities. For example, according to Houston Methodist Hospital, (n.d), they operate 6 to 7 medical centers in Houston area. Similarly, the numbers of beds in each hospital are approximately 700 to 800. The hospitals provide services such as rehab centers, emergency care, and outpatient. Besides, the facilities offer to teach, and they specialize in neurosurgery, urology, and other areas. The physicians found in the facilities are over 4,500, and the total employees are approximately around 6,700.

The city of Houston has benefited a lot from the great projects being provided by the two charitable organizations. Some of the public activities sponsored by Memorial Hermann Hospital and Houston Methodist Hospital (HMH) include charismas parties, thanksgiving and volunteer services. Besides, the facilities cater for the bills of the patients without health insurance and have been admitted to the hospitals. Moreover, the facilities donate medications to the poor. The Houston food bank also benefits from the facilities since they are sponsored with money and food. Similarly, the homeless benefit by getting shelter, furniture, and clothes. The facilities also donate medical and clothes to churches and other religious organizations (Memorial Hermann Hospital, n.d). The small community based HIV healthcare that is based in Houston is also being assisted by the two facilities. The community around has benefited from Memorial Hermann Hospital and Houston Methodist Hospital (HMH) and they consider them as very charitable.



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