Charlie’s Redemption

Charlie has had his fair share of laxity in his life. His past has some elements that demonstrate aspects of negligence with regards to what was expected of him. The death of his wife did not make things better. It only drew him more into alcoholism. As a result, his life fell-apart. Charlie lost most of his fortune by living lavishly and spending money in unnecessary activities. Charlie’s actions pulled him away from his daughter. Her sister in law; Marion was given legal custody of Honoria due to the culminating circumstances. However, Charlie is now attempting to get his life back in order. He wants to establish a favorable relationship with his daughter so that he can make up for the time he lost in the past. He is hopeful that Marion will agree to give him the custody of Honoria based on the changes that he has made in life. There are several aspects that indicate his changes and how determined he is to establish a favorable relationship with his daughter.

Among them is the fact that he has reduced his alcohol intake considerably. “No, no more, I am going slow this days” (pg. 505). These were the words that Charlie used when he visited Ritz bar. The words surprised the bartender considering the amount of alcohol he used to consume while at this spot. This is a positive gesture on Charlie’s side. When an individual wants to make any amends for any past shortcomings, the first thing is to evaluate the things that resulted in his disastrous life. Being sober means that Charlie will have sufficient time to take care of Honoria and give her the love and care that a child can get from her parents. Charlie ought to be more focused since he will be playing the role of both mother and father to her.

There is a point where Charlie stares at Honoria wonders whether she was more like her mother or him. He was worried that she did not combine both traits since they had resulted to disaster in his life. This is an indication of how Charlie is concerned about his daughter’s future. He wishes that she molds her life in the best way possible and not replicate the mistakes committed by her parents. This is an attribute of a responsible individual. He or she is always caring regarding what would befall the people around him of her.

The places that Charlie chooses to hang out are also an indication of his attempts to transform his life in order to set a good example for his daughter. “At noon he sat opposite Honoria at Le Grand, the only restaurant he could think of not reminiscent of champagne dinners” (pg. 509). It somewhat seemed awkward, but that was something he was ready to get used to in order to provide her daughter with good parenting. Not frequenting alcohol prone places would also help him remain sober and concentrate on building his life.

Charlie also has intentions of spending time with Honoria in order to help them bond. “First, we are going to that toy store in the Rue Saint-Honore and buy you anything you like.” This is an indication that Charlie is willing to engage in activities that are likely to make her daughter happy. It is a favorable move to establishing a strong bond between the two. The moment two people commence doing certain things together, they become fond of each other. In most occasions, they end up being inseparable. Honoria seems to be concerned about the expenses that are going to be incurred since she is aware that their financial status had changed. “But today you are to have anything you want.”These were the words that Charlie used to reassure her that everything was okay.  A great indication of a father determined to provide her daughter with the life that she desires regardless of the available inadequacy.

“And Aunt Marion and Uncle Lincoln-which do you like best?” This is a form of a trick question in that Charlie wants to know how her daughter is doing. The question will help him identify if Honoria is being mistreated in any way. This would be based on how she answers the question. Charlie does not want her daughter to hold back if she is not contented with her current situation. As a parent, he wants to make sure that her guardians are providing her with the same care that he would extend. His concern shows how he feels about his daughter.

“Darling, do you ever think of your mother.” Here, Charlie is checking on how his daughter is coping with the demise of her mother. It gives Honoria the opportunity to disclose her fears. He doesn’t want her to forget about her mother. This aspect will ensure that Honoria always thinks of her entire family with his mother and father in the picture. The aspect is likely to bring them together since they have something in common. It strengthens their relationship and keeps them together in the best way possible.

Charlie is also determined to attain the custody of his daughter, which currently resides with Marion. He puts himself together despite the difficulties presented by his in-laws. They present him with throbbing questions, but he restrains his anger since he is determined to re-establish a favorable relationship with his daughter. He is even willing to embark on his wife’s memories in an attempt of showing how he has changed over time. They are bitter memories, but he thinks it is worth the price. Charlie also remains calm when Lincoln informs him that they can only discuss that issue again after six months since it was having a negative effect on Marion. He obliges since he does not want to engage in anything that would ruin the prospect of having his daughter back in his care.


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