Children, Public Policies, Advocacy and Legislation in New York State

Children, Public Policies, Advocacy and Legislation in New York State

Present day youth are faced with challenges that range from peer pressure, drugs and substances abuse, police brutality, and unemployment which is a significant reason for crime to the American youth. Young people who have the power of advocacy that can result in legislative action hold the future of America (Grossberg, 2015). They have made an enormous impact in shaping the society by empowering those who are not yet empowered through the power of speech and policy awareness which has helped them cope in the harsh environment. Some of them, in the process of creating awareness has created a series of podcasts and journals that give the youths a voice. These type of young people will be responsible for changing the view of colored young men and women in America.

Lack of empowerment has led to teenagers spending their young lives in jail. The increase in crimes has led to states requesting for funds to build juvenile prisons instead of using the money to build schools and utility parks that keep them occupied. Campaigns and protest have been held in New York and California to shut down the construction of more juvenile jails as this is a form of oppression to the young generation. Most time colored juveniles fall, the victim of crimes, because they have lacked an opportunity in the community.

To change the society, the youth must be encouraged to embrace policies and join others in legislative action. This will give a chance to the convicted to have another shot in society. The government should understand that jails are not part of the solution but the problem for the upcoming adults.


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