Christian Worldviews

Christian Worldviews Implicate Which People? Who between a Young and Old American is Influenced by Christian Worldview? Define Christian Worldview and Outline How the Evaluation of Christian Worldviews in America is going to Be Carried Out

A Christian worldview is an outline of thoughts and principles through which a Christian individual, group or culture understands the world and interrelates with it (Dahlvig & Longman, 2016). A Christian worldview, in addition, includes any philosophy, ideology, religion or movement which stipulates an overarching way of understanding God, man’s relationship with God, and the world. Christian worldviews more influence an American adult according to research. This is shown by the fact that 46% of American adults have a biblical perspective in America. In contrast, most young adults aged 18 to 30 years do not follow any religious teachings. Therefore, they are merely Atheists and Agnostics who do not consider Christian worldviews. Moreover, Christian worldviews differ concerning specific Christian denominations, but many Christian themes are usually agreed. The study to evaluate

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